Baby Shower Animal Babies Theme

Themes can be quite the puzzle when planning a baby shower, but it can also be what truly makes the party. It can reflect a number of things: from the gender of the baby, to mom’s favorite place in the world, or even the season in which the baby will be coming.

It can also set the tone for what sort of festivities there will be, such as having a cozy English tea party theme calls for a subdued and more polished feel as opposed to a Jungle theme which suggests a more jovial and informal setting. Ultimately, there are more ways than one to make the perfect shower for the expectant mom.

So how do we go about choosing the most appropriate theme? The first step, of course is consultation. It is not uncommon nowadays to involve the mother-to-be in your party planning, this will help minimize faux pas and ensure that she enjoys every minute of her baby shower.

Another thing to consider as well is that some expectant mothers would like to keep the gender of their baby under wraps. A way to work around this is to stick to gender-neutral themes. One gender-neutral theme that has always been a big success is animal themes, and to make it appropriate to the occasion using animal babies is always a genius idea.

If in case, you still have difficulty choosing which animals to use, don’t choose at all, why not have a whole bunch of them like all the animals in a Jungle Safari? This theme also makes it easy to be playful and adventurous with your decorations and games.

Having a theme, means that everything from your invitations to the giveaways should have the same elements. So for your invite, you can research online for cartoon images of jungle trees or a desert, and decide on the colors you want to use like green & brown or orange & red. You can also get images of baby animals, like a lion, a zebra or an elephant in diapers or drinking out of baby bottles. If you are one of those creative types, designing the invite shouldn’t be a problem. If not, you can consult with friends or relatives who are artsy; two heads are always better than one.

Once you’ve decided on your color scheme, use this to be your guide while choosing your decorations, because color is what unifies the whole look and feel of your baby shower. You can make paper buntings of baby animal cut outs and string them across the room. Another easy to do and cheap idea is to use an arrangement of stuffed toys of safari animals dressed in little cloth diapers as your centerpieces. Lastly, have your giveaways packed in jungle themed wrapping paper or paper bags.

Since this theme is very dynamic and fun, coming up with games that fit the criteria is a walk in the park. Having a scavenger hunt or playing animal charades are all-time favorites and are sure to be a big hit with kids of all ages.

These are just some ideas to help get you started planning the perfect Jungle Safari Baby shower. Don’t forget with a little imagination and some out-of-the-box thinking you can easily add inventive ideas of your own to make this day a special one for the mother-to-be.