Baby Shower Bunny or Rabbit Theme

Themes are getting incorporated into every party nowadays. It makes it very easy for people to coordinate their food, invitations as well as their decorations. Themes can make a baby shower look very well put together even if in reality, it as a breeze and rather inexpensive to do. There are a lot of themes that you can choose from and yet, you may still want to stick with the tried and tested bunny theme as there is nothing cuter than a rabbit, except when you see a baby bunny and that will probably be the cutest thing you will ever see.

Bunny themes are also pretty easy to do because you have plenty of options available and materials that you can find in local craft stores. You can incorporate this theme into every aspect of the party without worry that you are overdoing it. With all their cuteness, no one can really have too much exposure to bunnies, right? And who will dare complain about anything as cute as a rabbit theme? Certainly not the people present for they will enjoy every little thing that the theme brings to the mood and the feel of the party. Your guest will jump for joy once they get a load of all the bunny related things you have prepared for the party.

First thing that you may want to put the bunny theme in are the invitations that you will be sending out to people who you wish to invite to your baby shower. Give your invitations a bunny theme so that they know what they will be in for. You can buy your invitations, or you may choose to get creative and make the invitations on your own. Simply look at examples of invitations with bunny themes online to give you an idea of how you should go about doing it. You can try to make a simple invite by opening a blank document on your computer and start making the invite using borders and bunny clipart. You may try to find and use a font that has a rabbit theme going for it. Afterwards, just print it on the paper of your choice and send it out.

Next thing is the food, you can serve the guests some rabbit food like carrot and celery sticks with dip as antipasto. Serve them some rabbit shaped cookies and also serve some slices of carrot cake for dessert. You can even bake your carrot cake in the shape of a rabbit or simply decorate it with icing in rabbit shapes. You may also serve something more substantial like basil pesto pasta so that your guests do not go hungry.

To make sure that people remember your bunny theme, why don’t you give them party favors that echo your theme? Give them those rabbit’s feet as party favors and also for good luck. You can give them little rabbit shaped stuffed toys and maybe some carrot pendants and charms that they can bring home and cherish for a long time.