Have a Mystical Unicorn Baby Shower

A wonderfully mystical and mysterious baby shower can be had with the Unicorn baby shower. You can plumb the realms of fairy land for your inspirations!

The unicorn is a mythical creature that represents purity and goodness. What other theme can be better to welcome a new life into the world? Announce this theme using those beautiful unicorn cards that are available on the web. If you want to get a little more cutesy, you can also use the children's birthday invitations that are available everywhere. Simply fill in the information at the back and you're done. Sprinkle in a small pinch of silver glitter in the envelope before you send it.

Express a little bit of magic into your party area. Fill it with potted plants to make it feel like an enchanted forest. Or hold it outside – a terrace surrounded by trees is a perfect setting. Have a little tabletop waterfall nearby. Unicorns are supposed to be attracted to the sound of moving water. Everything should be a little filmy and dreamy: make use of a lot of netting to create a “tent” of sorts where the meals will be taken. Employ lots of votive candles in pastel colors and woodland scents to complete the effect.

Unicorns are silver so the unicorn baby shower should use that as either a base or accent color. Have the centerpieces made of wildflowers either set in unfinished wooden vases or in silver containers. Cross some netting strips over the table to act as runners cum tablecloths. Set your plates over these multicolored strips. Accent each place setting with a little bouquet of wildflowers, too. Alternatively, use large leaves as placemats as a fairy-style setting for this mystical unicorn baby shower. Sprinkle sparkly glass pebbles all around the table tops.

The food table should be similarly decorated. Keep to the same mysterious feel by using netting or leaves to anchor the food platters. Scatter flower petals between the platters. Hang a unicorn poster somewhat behind the floral centerpiece so it will appear to be hiding behind it.

Fairy food would be perfect for this. Tiny, delicate sandwiches, assorted cookies, meringue mushrooms, and cakes paired with fresh fruits and fruit juices are just the right, airy snacks to serve. Tea and cocoa would do too, of course. As for a cake, you could go all the way and have the fairy-tale castle the mommy-to-be always wanted when she was a little girl. There are also unicorn-themed cakes available and edible unicorn cake toppers can be used to finish off a homemade cake, along with tons of sugar flowers.

You could also have a cupcake tree topped with the commercial unicorn toppers. Just keep the icing colors of the cupcakes in the pastel colors used in the rest of the room. Finish off the cupcakes with silver dragees for a sparkly effect.

A mystical treasure hunt is just the game to have here. Hide little sparkly bits all around the party area (sparkly silver fur- bits of silver yarn; glittery horseshoes, tiny bags of silver Jordan almonds for unicorn food, etc.). Give each guest a list of things to find and give a prize to the one that finds all the things first.

The favors don't have to be that flighty, though. Perhaps a silver gift bag with a sparkly body lotion and brilliant lip glaze would be perfect take-home gifts for this afternoon of childlike wonder.