New and Unique Cake Flavors

People are veering away from the usual plain chocolate, vanilla, and mocha and are choosing more unique cake flavors than ever before. Be warned, though, there will be guests that may not appreciate these types of cakes.

Cakes are an important part of the baby shower and are always considered the highlight of the meal. While the taste is definitely important, the appearance of the cake should be considered as well. The colors, decor, and overall look should be in keeping with the theme of the baby shower.

Nowadays, tastes are something else. As previously mentioned, people are more adventurous in the types of flavors chosen and are more apt to choose exotics such as mango, coconut, and Chinese Five-Spice than the usual favorites.

One new taste trend is the lemon-poppy seed cake. Paired with lemon curd and a tart cream cheese frosting, it's a refreshing choice for spring and summer. Lemon mousse is sometimes used as a filling for these cakes and the addition of candied lemon peel adds another layer of taste and texture to this citrusy masterpiece.

Another trend is the use of fresh berries as the filling of the cake. A variation on the classic strawberry slice filled with whole strawberries, this employs a mix of strawberries, mulberries, blueberries, and even the exotic cloudberries in a vanilla custard or Chantilly cream.

Then come the exotics – cakes based on mango, kiwi, coconut, and even purple yams are seen more often. The now ubiquitous green tea cake is not so much of an exotic anymore as a favorite standby, especially when paired with a green tea or peppermint cream filling.

People are also becoming more adventurous with the spices. The migration of Asians into the West also brought spices like Chinese Five-Spice that were used for savory dishes but are showing up in custards and as flavorings for white chocolate more often. Anise, cardamom, mace, and the more common cayenne, paprika, ginger, cinnamon and cloves are being used in more unusual combinations like dark chocolate and paprika or almond and white pepper.

Then there are those familiar flavor combinations translated into cake form. We all love chocolate mint bonbons but have you tried it in cake form? Try dark chocolate cake infused with white crème de menthe and filled with a simple whipped cream laced with chopped peppermint candies and covered with fudge frosting flavored with more crème de menthe.

A creamsicle is a favorite summer dessert, but how about a creamy orange cake that tastes exactly like the ice cream favorite? Topped with a creamy vanilla frosting, it's a perfect cake that's sure to get raves.

And Nutella addicts will be sure to jump for joy if they're offered a flourless hazelnut cake filled with Nutella and topped with a chocolate ganache. Another layer of taste is added when the cake is infused with the sweet hazelnut liqueur Frangelico.