Perfect Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Most baby showers have themes and usually, the cake is made to match the theme. This is not a must-do. You can just have a cake made that celebrates the little person that is about to be born. It is the baby shower after all and the baby should take center stage. Do you know the sex of the baby? It will be so much easier if you do since you can make the cake colors match the gender of the baby. Should the baby be a girl, then you are in for a treat since you will have so many utterly delightful baby shower cakes for girls to choose from. You will run out of time before you run out of choices to make for the shower. You can consult the mother to be as to what she would like of course so that you can have those things incorporated in the cake for the shower. There are just so many things you can do for baby shower cakes for girls that you will be in a tizzy. But remember, you have to make a decision since that baby shower might be coming up soon and you will need time in order for you to have the perfect cake.

Some things that you can have are cakes baked in the shapes of flowers, dolls or even angels. The bakers use specialty baking molds for these cakes and once they are done, they can be decorated in the sweetest baby girl colors like baby pinks and candy apple reds. You can even use sugar flower accents on the cakes and use some real candy for decoration.

Another is a bib cake done in pink. It is quite easy to do and you will just need a double layer cake. Use a knife to trim the top layer in the shape of a bib and ice it on the colors that you think will suit a baby girl. You may also add some candy trims and real flowers on the sides just to make it more attractive. You may also buy some sugar flowers so that they too can be eaten.

You can also make cakes that look like cradles or cribs. This you can order from a bakery and then you an ask them to add a face of a baby covered in a pink blanket. They can use fondant icing for the baby and the blanket since fondant is very easy to mold into shapes. Another great idea would be to make a cake that looks like a make-up case. This is a very girl cake and will make it quite obvious to the guests that the parents are expecting a little girl.

Baby shower cakes for girls are wonderful and you can go all out with them. This is a perfect way to honor that little girl who will soon be joining the world and it is also a good way of paying tribute to the parents of that little girl.