Some Baby Shower Cake Ideas

If you are planning on throwing a baby shower, you will want some cake ideas that will make sure your guests get to enjoy looking at the cake almost as much as they will enjoy eating that cake. There are so many baby shower cake ideas that you can choose from that you might want to get two cakes instead of just one. You can always choose a cake that is part of your theme but you may also want to make your cake different from your theme. You can have an edible cake and you can also have a non-edible cake.

What is a non edible cake you might ask? Simply enough, these are what people like to call diaper cakes. If you do not know what diaper cakes are, it is about time you found out. See, diaper cakes are those cakes that are composed of things that the future parents will want for their baby. These things are artfully rolled, pinned, tucked and piled until they end up looking like some really delicious cake. Some of these diaper cakes look so yummy that you might try to take a bite out of the diaper cake. Please do not do this; you might ruin the diaper cake before the parents can enjoy it and if you wait, there will surely be some real cake slices served later on to the guests. You can buy these diaper cakes ready made or you can custom order one so that it is made according to your specifications.

As for the cakes, the possibilities are limitless! What flavor do you choose? Good old vanilla? Perhaps you would rather have chocolate? How about carrot cake or something else that is fancier? You might even want a cheesecake or an ice cream cake. Next you will have to consider icing flavors; butter cream or fondant icing? Do you want chocolate flavor or some other exotic flavor? Once you have decided on those things, you have to go for the design of your cake. Do you want a cake that is done in fancy shapes or do you want a traditional round cake with a slumbering baby made of fondant? If you do not like fondant, you can have the baker simply draw the design you want using regular icing. How about a belly bump cake that is all the rage nowadays? You can choose to have a really elaborate cake that has a baby mobile placed in the middle of the cake. Another cute for baby shower cake idea is to have cakes made into the shape of baby blocks. They are very appetizing and the guests will have fun slicing into them when it is time to slice the cake.

Another unconventional cake idea is to make cupcake cakes. They sort of group the cupcakes together to form a cake so that you will no longer need to slice the cakes, you can just take a cupcake and serve them to your guests in the form of cupcakes.