Baby Shower Cakes for Boys and Men

When pregnant and expecting a baby, one of the most exciting moments is when one finds out the gender of the baby. Then the mother, especially first timers become very excited to prepare for the impending arrival of the newest member of the family.

One begins to shop for specific items and in colors appropriate for the baby’s gender. For girls, the usual colors are pink, purple and lilac. So out goes the mother shopping for clothes, socks, bottles and other necessities. As for having a baby boy, the usual color would be blue. So out goes the mother shopping for things in this color. But wait. There is a party usually given for the mother to be where she is showered with gifts for the baby. A baby shower is given by a close friend that is meant to celebrate the pending or recent arrival of the baby.

A baby shower is usually celebrated tea party style not with a full meal. There are decorations, giveaways, games and of course gifts! A big part of this is the baby cake. As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to decide for girls since there are so many options for colors. On the other hand, blue is usually the typical color choice for boys. You should not worry if you are having a boy or throwing a party for a baby boy. You can be as creative as you want.

One thing that will be the center of attention is the baby cake. Since there are so many options for girls, which makes it easier, we will focus more on baby cakes for boys/men. The traditional colors are more restricted.

Here are some color options one can use for traditional cake: green, yellow, blue, white, red. All of these in different shades and combined with white or each other. You need not be confined to traditional colors and designs. Just search the internet and you may tweak the design you fancy to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

These days there is also what is called a Diaper Cake. A Diaper cake is usually a tiered-cake made out of diapers. Since diapers are one of the most essential things used by a baby, it is even used as part of the décor. These diapers are arrange to look like a cake and then topped with baby items as well. They may have rattles, plush toys, pacifiers, socks and sometimes even baby shoes. The most common is the three-tiered cake topped with a plush toy like a stuffed bear but the design possibilities are endless. It can be as small and simple or as big and elaborate as you want.

A baby shower will not be complete without a cake. Whether it be a traditional cake or a modern diaper cake it still makes the celebration complete. So if it is a baby shower cake for boys or girls that you need to have, use your creativity and start gathering ideas today.