Baby Shower Cake Pictures

No baby shower will ever be complete if you do not have a cake. Cakes serve a triple purpose of celebrating the event, serving as centerpieces and becoming dessert for all the hungry guests. They will want their cake and they are going to eat it too. As a matter of fact, you will also find that these baby shower cakes are always the center of attention especially if they are true masterpieces that people will go crazy over. An experienced baker can make a cake look like anything that they fancy, or anything that the customer fancies. Why, if you have heard of diaper cakes, you will see how ingenious cake makers are getting. Imagine getting something as mundane as diapers look like yummy cakes? Now that is genius. Of course you cannot eat said diaper cake but it will still be the center of attention particularly if it is a magnificent looking diaper cake.

If you are baking a cake and you are stuck in a rut, you will want some ideas for your cake and you will find link to some ideas for cakes here. You will find cakes for baby boys; you will find cakes for baby girls and some cakes that will fit either of those two.

First up are the diaper cakes. These cloth masterpieces are a welcome break for those baby showers that feel like they want to break the mold. Your guests who are watching their weight will love that they will not get tempted by the baby shower cake that you serve up. Here is an example of a diaper cake:

Diaper Cake

Next are the baby girl cakes that will leave you breathless. These are glorious creations that you may want to use for inspiration when it comes to your cake. This one has really lovely baby blocks design.

2nd Baby Shower Cake (girl)

For the baby boys, these baby shower cake pictures links will show you some baby shower cake pictures that will leave you wanting to see more. Here is a real cute baby boy cake:

It's A Boy Baby Shower Cake