Baby Shower Cake Wording, Quotes and Greetings

Baby showers are very special since they are held in celebration of a new life; one that will soon join the world. It is very important that things go smoothly and you have something that will encompass how special the situation is and how special the newest member to the family is. There are hardly words that are special enough to describe how the new parents might be saying but you can certainly to find words that may just do the trick. Once you have found those words, where else will you put them but the cake? Yes, the cake is the perfect place to put these wordings since the cake is usually the centerpiece and people always go to the cake to see what it looks like; it would be so great if they went to the cake not only to see what it looks like but also to see and read what it says.

There are so many baby shower cake wordings that you can choose from. You can even choose to put Baby shower cake quotes as well as greetings. The possibilities are limitless and you can choose from among a myriad of wordings that are available. Some things that you can put on the cake are religious verses perhaps? Ones that celebrate life or offer blessing to a new life. You can ask your religious advisers for quotes that you can use.

If you do not want to use religious quotes, you can put baby poems on your cake. Yes, baby shower cake poems are really nice and you can make the poems as long or a short as you want. It really all depends on how big or small the cake is. If your cake is bigger you can use this poem:
“Ten fingers, ten toes, she's laughter and teardrops, so small and brand new, and amazingly angelic, she's sent to bless you. She's one special baby, the best of life's treasure and will grant and bless you many hours of great pleasure.

Or maybe something like this “A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes, the sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose!”, in big bold letters if your cake is on the smaller side. You may also choose some baby shower cake greetings like “A Star is Born!”, “Welcome to Motherhood!” and another short but sweet saying for small cakes is “Here Comes Baby!” and this last one might also work “Goodbye Tummy - Hello Mummy!” These sayings are really perfect for smaller cakes so that you do not run out of space.

If you have a bigger cake, you can afford to have more baby shower cake wording written on your cake. Like this wording would be great on a big cake, “Precious little child, snuggled warm and tightly, we can't wait until you're here to kiss and cuddle nightly” or how about this baby shower cake quote, “The best cake that you can get contains not one calorie. However, it's filled with goodies for your brand spanking new baby.”