Tips on How to Make a Baby Shower More Special

Baby showers celebrate both the pre-newborn and the mommy-to-be. While the occasion for the celebrations itself is already special, hostesses want to know how to make a baby shower itself more special.

There are definitely many ways to do this, and one bit of advice that everyone should follow is to be honest with yourself. If you are a very casual person, it definitely won't feel right for you to host a five course, sit down dinner at your next baby shower. The same as if you are rather formal, a slap-dash preparation won't sit right with you, or your guests either.

Next, think about the mommy-to-be herself. The best baby showers are planned along what she likes and prefers, not just what is in or hot at the moment. The mommy-to-be is a hard-core Twifan? Even if you're not, it would be wonderfully personal to base your baby shower on Twilight parties.

When it comes to baby shower decorating, it's the perfect way to make a baby shower special. Think of décor that ties in to your chosen theme. For example, the mommy-to-be is a chocoholic so you've decided to have a chocolate baby shower. Have everything in different hues that evoke chocolate, from cream and rich brown balloons, chair cushions wrapped in squares of chocolate satin fabric, chocolate and cream colored flowers like chocolate cosmos and creamy ranunculus, cocoa-scented candles, and favors of an extra-special chocolate truffle packed in a gold box and tied with a luscious chocolate-hued satin ribbon, the whole room envelopes the unforgettable theme around the guests and the guest of honor.

Another way how to make a baby shower special is by using baby shower cupcakes as a table centerpiece or highlight for the buffet table. These little morsels of goodness can be decorated to reflect the baby shower theme and embellished with special cake or cupcake décor that can be ordered over the internet. Piled onto a cupcake tree, it fulfills every child's dream – a tree that you can pick fruit or candy out of!

Do you have to play the same tired old games? If the mommy-to-be requests, “No games!” and it's seconded by your co-hosts, find something more interesting to do. Maybe everyone would want to decorate something for the nursery – say a special mobile or set of decorative baby blocks? What about an onesie decorating contest complete with iron-on transfers for the non-artists? Maybe everyone would appreciate a foot massage even more. You don't need to be stuck doing the same thing every time.

Special favors also fill the bill. Don't limit yourself to the tired colored jellybeans in a bottle. Pick unusual favors that also suit the theme of the baby shower. A couples barbecue shower makes you think of a specialty bottle of barbecue sauce with the date of the shower and the party logo printed onto the label. Or, an Italian-themed baby shower brings bottles of balsamic vinegar and top-notch Italian olive oil to mind. A garden theme may call for a tiny potted plant with a pretty bow tied around the pot. Consider making your own favors, decorations, and centerpieces as well or having them custom made by an artistic professional. Think out of the box!