Baby Shower Registry / Gift List

With the announcement of a new baby on the way, many people will scramble to the stores in order to find the perfect gift to give the mom-to-be on the day of her baby shower. However, some people just aren’t great at picking a gift. Some people just can’t decide upon a gift and will settle with giving money, while others are clueless as to what the mom-to-be would want. Thankfully there is some relief with a baby shower registry. The best thing about baby shower registry is that it makes the gift-giving as well as the gift-receiving process so much easier.

If you’ve ever had to shop for an upcoming baby shower, you know just how frustrating, time consuming, and difficult it can be. With a baby shower registry, the gift shopping process becomes so much easier. This registry will allow your baby shower guests to know what type of items you are going to need in order to have a good start to motherhood once the baby is born.

Today, some of the most popular department stores offer baby shower registries. It’s as easy as the mom-to-be visiting the store and creating a registry. To make it even easier, some stores offer the service of creating a baby shower registry online. With a few clicks of a mouse and information typed in, the mother-to-be can have a baby shower registry up and running within minutes. Some popular stores that offer baby shower registries are Babies’RUs,, Target, and Walmart.

With a baby shower registry, the parents-to-be are able to choose items in which they will need during as well as after the pregnancy. Guests who plan to attend the baby shower can then view the list and buy items that the parents need. The good thing is that there is no need to worry about guests buying duplicate gifts. Guests who purchase a gift can check it, which will show that the gift has already been purchased.

Baby shower registries are also good for families who have members living in different states, or even out of the country. If someone cannot attend the baby shower, a gift can still be purchased and delivered to the parents’-to-be home.

Baby shower registries are also great for the parents as they will know what items are left that they need to buy. Once the baby shower is over, the expecting parents can check the list and see which items are not checked. This makes buying much easier and less of a hassle to remember which items still need to be bought.

For mothers who are looking to set up a baby shower registry, it’s important that you set it up well ahead of time. This means before the baby shower and before the pregnancy. This way guests have a lot of time to purchase the gift, or decide upon another gift if the one they first choose was already purchased.

With baby shower registries, you can set up as many as you like. It may be helpful to set up one for clothing and related items, and then another for baby room items, toys, and others. This can easily be done by creating a baby shower registry with two different stores.