How to Pick a Party Theme

Themes are needed to pull a party together, all the more with something as important as a baby shower! The party theme is the guiding light that helps you to decide everything from your invitations to your décor, food, and favors.

It's nicest to communicate with the guest of honor, in this case the mommy-to-be, about any ideas they might have about how they can celebrate their baby shower. Certain hobbies or interests could spark a unique theme that would make the baby shower more personal. For example, if the mommy-to-be is a student of French, the baby shower could be one that has a French or Parisian theme. Then from there, everything comes into focus.

Your choice of theme is also helped by certain other elements of the baby shower. For example, if you are having a couples or family baby shower, then a “Hot Mama” or “Spa” theme is definitely out. You could perhaps have a luau or barbecue baby shower instead. Too tame? How about “Under the Sea” or “Mardi Gras” for a little more unusual baby shower theme?

Then, your venue helps a lot, too. You could really have a great “Luau” or “Beach” theme if there's a pool nearby or it's held outdoors. A bit tougher to hold a seaside baby shower in an apartment but not impossible if you have a kiddie pool filled with beach toys and a wave machine for added effect.

While age is definitely a factor when planning other parties, it doesn't follow with baby showers. In fact, themes like “Sesame Street” or “Little Princess” would be a fun trip back to childhood and a great theme. It's also a great way to bring kids into the baby shower party and have their parents reminisce on how it used to be when they were kids.

So, let's say you've chosen a “Rainbow” theme for your baby shower since it's something that the mommy-to-be loves. To start, you can order all your paper paraphernalia at the same time – the invitations, paper plates, paper napkins, and thank you cards. Having the same or similar images on them keeps the baby shower decorating cohesive.

Then comes the décor. You don't need themed décor (read printed the same way) to make the baby shower decorations coordinated. All you need to do is to use the same colors in the balloons, streamers, and ribbons used in the party area. Echo the same colors with the tablecloths and centerpieces as well.

With the rainbow baby shower, bunch together balloons in all the colors of the rainbow. Have a veritable rainbow of streamers all over the party area. Then pull all the colors together on the tables with a centerpiece made of rainbow-colored paper flowers or possibly feathers adorning a clear glass vase swathed in cotton batting to simulate clouds.

The baby shower theme can also influence your choice of games, too. You can have a Treasure Hunt (at the end of the rainbow) for one of your games. The favors can be influenced by the theme, too. Why not have rainbow lollies wrapped in tulle as your gifts?

Themes are definitely lifesavers when it comes to party planning, not the least with baby showers. Good luck!