Giving Thanks After Your Baby Shower

The last baby shower gift has been opened and all the guests have left your well planned, wonderful baby shower. As you sort through the gifts at home and show your significant other all of the cute toys, clothes and accessories that you received there is still one more step to making your baby shower a success. That is the baby shower “thank you” card. It is only polite to write somebody a thank you card after receiving a gift. Writing a baby shower thank you card and sending it out in the mail should be done as soon as things have settled at home. You may need to give yourself a day or two to get yourself together but do not take much longer than this. You had fun choosing the games that you played at your baby shower. Everyone had a laugh at the favors that you designed. And they loved the music that you chose to compliment your baby shower theme. Keep the creative juices flowing just a little bit longer and have fun designing your baby shower thank you cards.

Your baby shower thank you card can be as simple as writing a note that says, ‘thank you for the thoughtful gift” or it can be personalized by adding a poem or a cute saying such as “babies are sweet, and so are you!” Make sure that the cover of the baby shower thank you card has the babies name on it. Here are some cute ideas to help you create your baby shower thank you card. I’m sure that plenty of photos were taken at the baby shower. Maybe someone snapped a photo of you showing off your beautiful bump in profile. This would make a cute front page image for your baby shower thank you card.

If you would like to add a poem to your baby shower thank you card, all you need to do is search the internet for darling little ditties about baby girls and baby boys. Another great idea is to have the baby shower thank you card come from the baby, so to speak. You can really do it up by writing the baby shower thank you card in different colored crayons and a child like font and then sign it with your child’s name. Consider saying something like:

Mommy and I were so happy that you came to say hi to me. I can’t wait to use my new gift. See you soon!

Whatever creative ideas come to your mind when you create your baby shower thank you cards, just remember to send them out at an appropriate time. They should be written and sent within a week of your baby shower.