The All-important Baby Shower Photographer

A person who is hardly mentioned but is definitely an important part of any baby shower is the baby shower photographer. The events go by so fast at any baby shower and the mommy-to-be is usually so overwhelmed that she misses half of it! A baby shower photographer needs to be able to capture all those moments for the mommy-to-be to remember for posterity.

A definite must-have on the pictures list is how the party area looked before the party. Usually, the mommy-to-be arrives when people are already there and will only have a general impression of the party room. Those little details that you worked so hard on to make the scene perfect usually go by unappreciated. Have pictures of everything: the buffet table, details of the centerpiece, food arrangements, and of course, that all-important cake before it's cut and devoured. The table settings should be captured too, as well as any intricate decorations like a decorated parasol hanging from the ceiling or an unusual floral arrangement.

The baby shower photographer needs to be a virtual paparazzi following the mommy-to-be around the party area. There should be all sorts of shots of the mommy-to-be right in the middle of things – laughing with friends while chatting or opening gifts, enjoying her food and choosing her preferred snacks from the buffet table, in a pensive moment while listening to the toasts, speeches, or prayers, and with her feet flat up while she's flat out tired from all the celebrations.

A priceless picture is when a mother gets her pregnant daughter that perfect gift or tells her something heartfelt. Having a picture of them together is definitely one that will make it to the keepsake book.

Definitely have pictures of all the guests that attended together with the mommy-to-be. If the daddy-to-be is there too, have several pictures of them together. Do include older children in the photo ops, this makes them feel so much more a part of the celebration rather than totally left out.

When you assign one of your friends to be the photographer/paparazzi for the day, ensure that there are extra batteries and flash cards available. Also, add a battery charger to the checklist. A tripod for more stable group shots and an extra camera in case the first one quits on you may be musts.

Take a few practice shots before the party begins to check on the lighting and other settings for your camera. Indoor baby showers are usually quite dark, so you may need to fiddle a bit with your flash setting and your exposures before you get the right combination. If the pictures are backlit (taken in front of a bright window, for example) force the flash to go on so that your subject matter – the guests – are clear in your photograph.

Review your work regularly to see that you've gotten the pictures as clearly as possible. Make any adjustments immediately. And always take more pictures than you think you'll need. You can always edit out the bad shots later.