Great Advice for a Stress-Free Baby Shower

Giving a baby shower is not always a bed of roses. Things like the invitations, the guest list, the food, the decorations, the games and what have you all make for an overwhelming experience. These next bits of advice should help in making the baby shower a more pleasant event for everyone.

1. The Basics – Knowing the who, when and where is the most basic piece of advice to planning any party, baby shower included. Certainly, everyone already knows whom the party is for, but who will be hosting it, whether it’s just one person or a group, is something that should be decided upon on the onset. The date and time of the shower is also important. Baby showers can also be done after the baby is born; so if it’s getting a bit too close to the expectant mother’s due date, it is okay to postpone it until after. Where the party will be held, whether at the host’s home or at a restaurant’s function room, is definitely important too. When all these have been figured out, then you can move on to the other details of the party.

2. Budget – In these trying times, having a budget and sticking to it is a must. The budget determines the little details of the party, like guest count and food and decorations and such, so it is good advice to have this in mind during planning.

3. The Theme - This could be the easiest of all decisions to make, yet it can make or break your event. It is always best to know what the expecting mother wants. However, some mothers would like to be surprised. If this is the case, then you can do anything from the usual pink or the usual blue, depending on the baby’s gender, or you can even decide to go with the season or the expecting couple’s favorite sports team, for example. The possibilities are endless. Just don’t overdo it.

4. The Guests - This part could be tricky. First of all, decide on whether this will be a shower only for girls or if everyone can be invited. Secondly, sit down with a trusted family member to make sure everyone on the list is favorable. The expectant father could also be helpful in this area. It’s a tough job and someone’s got to do it. It might as well be you.

5. Invite and Decorate - You’ve figured out your budget, your theme and your guest list. Now the fun begins. This is the part where you go out and put your shopping skills to the test. You can always buy your decorations and invitations from a store or online, and this will really save you loads of time, but it is sometimes cheaper and more meaningful to make them yourself. It is time-consuming, however, so make sure you have plenty of time should you decide to be creative. Also, remember to send out your invitations at the proper time to make sure everyone gets them.

6. The Food - Things to consider when decided on the food for the baby shower are the number of guests and what time the party will be. If you are having the party catered, then all you have to do is check the things you want on their menu. If you decide to cook, then make sure you have your timeline carefully planned out. The simplest menu is usually the best. Another option would be to have a potluck baby shower. Discuss this with your guests so no two things are alike. It is also important to know if any of your guests has dietary requirements.

7. The Party Favors - As in any party, the party favors are what most guests look forward to. The more practical favors make the baby shower more memorable for your guests. If you’re planning an environment-friendly party, for example, you can give out little plants in pots so your guests will always remember your baby shower. Make sure there’s one for every guest and always have some extra just in case.

The best advice for your baby shower, however, is to just have fun. After all, it is a party.