Baby Shower Locations

There’s definitely nothing more exciting than knowing you are pregnant and being able to plan your baby shower. While sometimes the baby shower is supposed to be a surprise, some mothers-to-be prefer to plan it on their own so that they know everything is perfect and suitable. One of the first things that is necessary to consider when planning a baby shower is deciding where it will be held. Some people prefer to have it at a local church, while others save money and just have it at a friend’s or family member’s home. However, it’s important that the location is secured and set before moving onto the next step of planning a baby shower.

You will first need to decide where you want it to be held. Most people choose something close by that is easy to get access to and can be used for the entire day. A church or local building such as a hall that is open to host events in is usually the perfect place. When you have a location picked out, you have to see if it is available on the date and time you need to utilize it.

Remember, the location you choose must be able to accommodate baby shower needs. This includes enough room for guests to sit, as well as room to put food or snacks, and of course a place to put the baby shower gifts.

While you may have a place picked out, you must also consider your budget. Most places will charge some sort of daily or hourly fee that you must pay in order to use the building for your baby shower. Be sure that you have enough money to put towards renting the building or location you choose. If you are on a short budget, it may be easiest to have the baby shower at a friend or family members home. If your budget isn’t an issue, you can have your baby shower at a restaurant. Many restaurants today offer separate party rooms that would be perfect for your baby shower.

If you decide that having your baby shower at your own home or someone else’s is best, you will need to make sure that there is enough room for all of the guests that you plan to invite. Be sure that everyone who may attend will have enough room to sit comfortably and will be able to enjoy the baby shower. If you are hosting a large baby shower, you may want to consider making sure that there is enough room for everyone to park.

With your baby shower location in place, you can then move on to the more fun parts of planning a baby shower, such as decorating and sending out cute baby shower invitations. Remember to clearly print or type the address on the baby shower invitation. It may even be helpful to attach a map along with the invitation for anyone that may not know the surrounding areas of where the baby shower will be held.