Hiring a Professional Baby Shower Planner

One of the newest trends today in the mommy to be world is hiring a professional baby planner. These women or men are responsible for handling everything baby and pregnancy related from maternity clothes to what color the balloons are at the shower. Their goal is to help provide new and expectant moms in making heads or tails of all the latest and greatest baby products.

The most important job that a baby shower planner can perform is educating new moms about product safety. Educating new moms about the hazards of certain plastics and choking hazards can mean the difference between saving a child's life and losing it. With all of the recent product recalls, this information is imperative! The National Baby Planner's Association recommends that all certified baby planners register with the association and train under their programs to ensure the education of all baby planners and to keep them up to date on the latest product safety.

When you are prepared to hire a baby planner, do a little homework prior to making the leap into their professional world. Ask to see credentials and certification papers up front. If you feel uncomfortable with the person, speak to their supervisor or perform a background check. You can never be too careful with your growing family. Baby Planning businesses are also quickly becoming a source of income for stay at home mothers as well. Many new companies are offering training kits for others to join the family of baby planners all across the nation.

Your professional baby planner is also responsible for planning your baby shower. They plan the games, food, guest list, and decorations. On the day of your baby shower, your planner should have all of their ducks in a row and be ready to manage your party. They should have the caterers and other professional's involved to the point where all you have to do is be there to open presents and cut the cake. Your baby planner is there to remove the stresses of preparing for baby to the best of their ability. Will they rub your swollen feet? No, of course not, but they can handle the minute details so you can rest your swollen ankles and focus on growing the small human growing within you.

Whenever possible, go shopping with your baby planner. Ask to see what kind of thrift shop deals you can get without having to worry about recall hazards. Have her or him teach you how to shop for your baby. Have them teach you what the best brands are and what items you may buy at a cheaper price that is still a good product. Have them teach you the difference in diaper brands and what fibers in clothing aren't good for you or your baby. Ask them about car seats and what toys are choking hazards. No question is too silly when it comes to the health and wellness of your baby.