Fun Baby Shower Activities

Most baby showers often include games and other baby shower activities to entertain the guests and help everyone in attendance to create memories that they can cherish. If you've been to more than one baby shower, you've probably played the same games many times. You might be looking for better ideas for activities that you can do without making your baby shower like every other baby shower. Follow these ideas for fun baby shower activities and you'll have an enjoyable baby shower that you can treasure.

Decorating Baby Items

Instead of playing the same tired games at your baby shower, you can have guests participate in decorating a baby blanket or other baby item with fabric pens and pretty accents. Guests can draw pictures, write inscriptions, or help to decorate the items with ribbons and other trim. Once the items have been decorated, they can be saved in a baby book, displayed on a wall, or placed in a trunk for your new bundle of joy to enjoy later in life.

Parenting Advice From Shower Guests

Another fun activity to have at baby showers is time for guests to give parenting advice to the mother-to-be. Provide each guest with a decorated index card and allow them to write their best parenting advice. The cards can then be assembled into a book so that the new mom can refer to them for years to come. This activity will result in some hilarious advice as well as some very serious advice.

Baby Bingo

Bingo is a fun game for any occasion. It can be turned into one of the most fun baby shower activities by replacing the bingo numbers with pictures of baby items. You can fill in the squares with pacifiers, bonnets, blankets, and other baby items. The bingo caller can then call those items out instead of the traditional bingo numbers.

Building a Baby Library

Another one of the best baby shower activities is to have each guest bring their favorite childhood book. For those who don't have the talent to decorate a baby item or create a scrapbook, this can be the perfect way to help create something that will be treasured for years to come. You can set aside time during the shower for the guests to write an inscription inside each book.

Your baby shower should be one of the most fun times of your life. If you include any of these fun baby shower activities, you will be able to create lasting memories with your closest friends and family members.