Some Baby Shower Business Ideas

Have you attended several baby showers and wondered how you can possibly start your own baby shower business? Perhaps you have even planned several baby showers for your friends and are becoming quite good at planning inexpensive and yet enjoyable baby showers? You could also be someone who has volunteered your cooking skills and made some delicious food for your friend’s baby showers as well. You could even be a highly creative individual with a keen eye for details and enjoy doing arts and crafts. If you fall into any of these categories, you may want to consider starting your own baby shower business.

You can make some extra cash by offering to plan inexpensive baby showers for your friends and other people who may require your skills. All you will have to do is ask them for a budget and make sure that you fit everything within that budget. This is a chance for you to get creative and be very resourceful. Of course you will have to charge them a reasonable fee.

1) Catering - If you are a good cook, you can make money by offering some personalized snacks that people can serve at their baby showers. You can ask them for their themes and work around that. You can start with just several finger foods and once word gets around, you can expand to bigger meals and such.

2) Selling Gifts - Another thing that a savvy businesswoman would do is to repackage practical gifts into something novel and extraordinary so that people will want to spend money on them. Make sure that you sell the essentials but make them more attractive to buyers since parents are now cutting back on novelty baby items and are instead buying more essential stuff that the baby will need. If you package the essentials into something cute, not only will you get the attention of parents but you will also get the attention of those people who are looking for gifts to give during baby showers. This way, you can build up your business and just add the novelty items when the business is more stable and bringing a steady flow of cash to your coffers.

3) Invitation Designer - If you are good with your hands, you can offer to make personalized invitations to baby showers for reasonable prices. Some people always opt for handmade invites since it makes a simple baby shower somewhat more special. A lot of time and tough goes into making invites and that is what they are after. You might not become an instant millionaire with these baby shower business ideas but you will be making some extra cash and also making some people very happy.