How to Plan an Appropriate Adoption Baby Shower

Baby showers are always joyous occasions. They provide an outlet for new and experienced moms to share pregnancy stories and wisdom. What if the mother to be isn't actually giving birth to the newest member of the family? What if her family has taken the noble steps toward becoming the adoptive parents of a little baby girl or boy?

These types of baby showers are often surrounded by a modicum of uncertainty. What happens if the birth mother changes her mind, or there is a problem with the stacks of paperwork that accompanies the decision to adopt? For both of those reasons, planning an adoption shower can be a tricky and touchy subject. The purpose of this article is to inform you of some of the socially acceptable rules regarding the momentous occasion of welcoming a new member to the family via adoption.

The wording of the shower invitations is also very important when preparing to throw an adoption shower. You must remember to present the shower in a much different light than a regular shower. You may choose wording like "Mr. and Mrs. Jones would like to invite you to their home to welcome their new daughter Alysia Anne. A daughter not of their womb but loved still the same".

The timing of an adoption shower is often one of the biggest issues. Most adoptive parents choose not to have the shower before the child comes into their custody due to the risk of the adoption not being completed, although it is perfectly acceptable to have a baby shower before the child comes home. Having the baby shower prior to the main event may help the adoptive family feel supported by other family members and friends.

Another issue with adoption showers is lack of family approval. When a family decides to adopt, some family members may disagree that the parents should adopt. These reasons may vary from feeling like the parents to be are getting in over their heads, to concerns about behavioral issues with older children. Many of these issues resolve themselves as the family acclimates to the new child and the new child to them, but some do not.

Adopting an older child presents a different set of challenges for an adoption showers. You must plan more child friendly food, games, and age appropriate presents. Should you choose to hold the shower after the child arrives, then it is the perfect opportunity to show the child how much they are truly wanted and how well they will be accepted. It is suggested that any family members that object to the adoption be excluded from the shower to prevent the child from feeling any negative feelings at such a volatile time in their lives. If you receive an invitation to an adoption shower, remember that it is a joyous occasion. Surround the adopting family with love and affection and all of the best wishes for a happy future.

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