Adoption Baby Shower Games

Baby showers that involve an adopted baby are definitely much more different than regular baby showers. The mother-to-be has no baby bump to rub or measure, and there is no need to celebrate the sex of the baby. But, one thing you can celebrate at an adoption baby shower is the fact that two people will become parents, and that there will be a new baby in the family that will be loved and cared for dearly. Like all baby showers, you will need adoption baby shower games to keep the guests having fun and entertained! It may be hard to find adoption baby shower games as many deal with giving birth and pregnancy, you are sure to find a game that fits. Or, you can use some of these ideas as a basis for your adoption baby shower games.

1. Baby Adoption Bingo/Word search

You can easily create Bingo boards or word searches on the computer. You can use words that deal with adoption such as adoption, maybe the country the baby is coming from, or use different languages for common baby words. This relates the game perfectly if the baby is coming from another country. Word searches are also a good idea. They require a lot of thinking and a quick and sharp eye.

2. Pick a Name

Create a piece of paper that lists every letter of the alphabet and then two columns; one for boy names, and one for girl names. Have each guest try to fill out a name for each letter. This gets hard, especially when it comes time to pick names for those letters like X! The purpose of this game is to have guests come up with real names that no other guests will use. For example, for the letter A, a guest may try the names Alan and Alison, instead of choosing extremely common names like Alex and Ashley.

3. Famous Adoptions

This is a fun game, especially for those people who know about Hollywood stars and other famous people. Do a little bit of research and find the names of famous people who have been adopted. Then add names of people who haven't and have each guest write yes or no with the corresponding name. The guest with the most right answers win! This game is fun because some names on the list may be shocking, or just completely obscure.