Interesting Ideas for A Boy's Baby Shower

No matter what the sex of a baby is, their birth is always something looked forward to with excitement. It's not really a wonder that baby showers have become more popular for this very reason. However, most hostesses have a complaint – it's harder to plan for a boy's baby shower than it is for a girl's.

It's true; just like shopping for a little girl is easier, there's not really too much out there that is suitable for a little boy – unless you know where to look. Not everybody would want to resort to the same old baby blue so what can you do to shake up the baby shower a bit?

One thing that can help you with the planning is your choice of theme. You could either choose a theme that has complete accessories in the line and supplement what is lacking with plain accessories in coordinating colors or pick a theme that can be made whole even without accessories that were designed for baby showers.

For example, there is a line of baby shower accessories in the popular Coco Jocana nursery set line. This can be a great base for a boy's baby shower and whatever other accessories that are missing (like balloons, streamers, and tableware) can be purchased in the soft greens and blues that are usually used in the Coco Jocana line. It gives a more personalized look to the baby shower that way.

Why not choose a more off-beat theme for the baby shower? It's a boy, after all, and it's a great way to play up that fact. For example, why not choose an F-1 racing car theme? With all the accessories in black and white with accents in red, it's the perfect way to channel the excitement of the race right into the party.

All you need to add to drive the point home is to arrange miniature F-1 cars on the dining tables and around the platters of food at the buffet. With posters of F-1 drivers and racing cars on the walls, all you need is a soundtrack of “Cars,” “Blazing Thunder,” and “Fast and the Furious” to complete the evening.

Something fun for boys would be a camouflage baby shower. It's a perfect theme if you intend to invite the daddy-to-be to the baby shower as well. Using the pattern as the base of the baby shower, you'll easily be able to decorate the party area. There's a choice of a blue, green, gray, and brown colorways so you'll actually have more choices than you think.

Camouflage invitations are available on the internet, but you can also create your own with a downloadable image and a printer. There are camouflage patterned bed sheets that can be used for tablecloths and other needed accessories. The best part about it? The mommy-to-be can use them for her little boy when he gets older.

Use plain balloons and streamers in the chosen colorway along with chocolate bars wrapped in camouflage paper to match. Voila, a great boy's baby shower!