When and What Time Do I Have a Baby Shower

Two key parts of baby shower planning is when and where to have the baby shower. Of course you have to find the time when everyone is free, but there is more to it than just clearing the calendar. Where it will be held plays a great role as well.

First of all, plan when to have a baby shower. Set a date at a time around two months before the mommy-to-be's due date so that she will still have enough time to shop for things that she will need for the baby. Also, you don't want to have the shower too close to the expected due date as it would spoil the mood of the party if the mom had to be rushed to the hospital to deliver the baby. Most baby showers are held a bit before the mom is born, but while the pregnant bully is out in full. This allows the mom to show off her pregnant belly - one of the big attractions at a baby shower.

Can the baby shower be thrown after the baby is born? Of course! Actually, that is preferred in some cultures because it would seem like you are jinxing the baby if you celebrate before the birth. A plus to celebrating after the baby arrives is that everyone knows what the baby's sex is and they can give the appropriate gifts. And, they get to see the baby! Family and friends from the same city or even out of town would definitely appreciate the chance to give their baby gift and see the baby at the same time.

Another thing to consider is the time of the baby shower itself. More than one mommy-to-be has enjoyed the unusual brunch baby shower because it gives her time to nap in the afternoon! Carrying a baby around is tiring and the mommy-to-be definitely needs her rest.

What about throwing it early in the afternoon? If you are seriously watching your budget, then this is the best time for you to have it since people don't eat that much after lunch and you can get away with just having the baby shower cake and coffee or tea. Simple, delicious, and elegant.

There is nothing wrong with hosting a shower during breakfast, lunch, or dinner either. This may involve more preparations as far as food, but some hostesses like to prepare food for the party guests. Full meals also offer a good opportunity for people to have good conversations about the baby and parenting.