Tips on Baby Shower Photography

You've just just been volunteered to take the pictures for your friend's upcoming baby shower? Congratulations! Are you worried that they won't come out as there are some things you can everyone expects? Do to ensure that you have the best baby shower photographs you've ever taken.

First of all, no matter what kind of camera you'll be using, be prepared with extras of everything. Some professional photographers even have extra cameras along; if a good friend is willing to lend you one or even assist you on the day, then that would be great! Prepare extra batteries, flash cards or film, and have your charger and USB cord on hand with your laptop if possible. Pack all of this in one bag and organize it in a way that it's easy for you to find anything you need.

Next, make a list of photographs that are absolutely essential to the mommy-to-be. Pictures of her with the BFFs, with members of the family, with a pet, and especially with older children may be at the top of the list. Have some pictures of her with the people sitting at each table, too. That will help her remember who is there after all the chaos is over.

The best pictures record emotions. Photos of the mommy-to-be arriving with an anticipating look on her face, paying rapt attention to a toast or speech, with a thoughtful look on her face during one of the games and exploding with laughter at another will surely become much appreciated and treasured photographs.

Be the mommy-to-be's paparazzi for the day. From her first photo entering the party room, taking part in the games, having the meal with the friends, cutting the cake to share with everybody, to sleeping in a chair with her feet up after the baby shower, you must be right behind her and record everything.

A great way to get some shots from different angles and shots that you may have missed would be to give everyone your email address so that they can send you some of their favorite shots. Inform everyone of this before the party starts in earnest so they can be more aware and snap lots of interesting shots.

You could share the photos with the mommy-to-be in a few different ways. You could simply collate all the photographs for her and burn her a disc so she can choose what to have printed. If you are using film, have copies printed for her and give her some extra-special shots forever by including the negatives in the set.

If you know the mommy-to-be very well, these photographs could be a beautiful gift from you. You could arrange them into a baby shower album or a photo album with enough empty pages for the baby's first year of life. You could also give her a CD and a blank scrapbook or album so she can choose what to put in.

Your job is among one of the most overlooked yet among the most important. The mommy-to-be is often so overwhelmed by outpouring of love and support, she is not able to notice all the details that went into creating the perfect baby shower. You must record all this for her so she will be able to appreciate it much more.