Hosting a Baby Shower at the Office for a Co-worker

In these days, most people spend more time at work than they do anywhere else. Therefore, it is not unexpected that a mother-to-be's co-workers would want to throw her a baby shower. Such an event can be an easy and pleasant event and allow the mother to share a bit of her blessing with the rest of the office.

A few different rules apply to the office baby shower. First, the party should be short, perhaps only an hour, and usually during lunch when the majority of the co-workers can attend. Second, games really do not have any place at the office shower. Too much silliness, however well-intentioned, can be perceived as unprofessional. Third, the shower should not be required for the entire office, but everyone should be invited. There is no need to create ill-will during such a happy event.

When a co-worker starts to plan a baby shower, she should first ask the mother-to-be if she would welcome such a party. If so, then the co-worker should gently approach the rest of the employees. She should explain the event, invite the person and ask them if they would like to contribute financially or with food. This may be the most difficult part of the planning. The guests should feel happy about attending and participating. Often, deciding upon a certain contribution, such as $10 per guest, will help make this easier.

Next, the planner needs to decide the kind of refreshments to provide. If the office is small, lunch could be hosted at a restaurant. However, that is not always realistic. For larger work places or offices without set lunch hours, the baby shower could be a potluck meal, purchased food could be brought in, or only desert could be provided. In a work environment, any of these options are perfectly acceptable.

On the day of the shower, the hostess should decorate the break room with simple decorations. Remember, any special balloons and streamers will probably need to be removed before the end of the work day, so do not over do the decorating. A few colorful streamers, a table cloth and some bright plastic tableware will help set the festive mood.

Finally, for an office baby shower, the guests have a few options concerning the gifts. First, all of the guests can pitch in for one large gift or gift certificate. Second, each guest could bring their own gift. However, this option may be too costly for an office party. Third, the guests may combine the two and each give their own gift certificate. However the hostess and her co-workers decide to plan the party, an office baby shower is a fun and simple way to share well-wishes and blessings with the mother-to-be!