Pins Makes a Fun Baby Shower for Guests

Safety pins are something that are not much in use anymore, especially when comes to babies, considering the popularity of disposable diapers, fitted cloth diapers, and diaper clips. But, there is something about this traditional must-have that's made it an icon for babies. This is actually a perfect and fun motif for a green baby shower. How much more green can you go than by using cloth diapers and safety pins?

The first thing is to make it obvious for the guests that the baby shower is to be a green one. The usual way a theme is broached is through the invitations. A great way to blend the theme to the motif would be to use handmade or recycled paper to print the invitations on. Mention something about the theme as well, like “Sara's little earth angel is on the way, so let's paint the earth green at her baby shower!”

Skip the envelopes and roll up the invitations like a scroll. Keep it rolled up with a bit of coordinating cloth ribbon that's held in place like a belt with a safety pin. (Tip – It's easier if you complete the belts first, then insert the rolled-up scrolls in the belts to keep them from getting crushed.) You could also request that the guests come in earth colors to emphasize the theme.

On to the décor. It's an earth-friendly party, so keep it low key. If you've decided to host the baby shower outdoors, then a lot of the work is already done. But a green theme can be had inside the house, too. A lot of green plants are great and easy decorations. Use natural materials like glass, wood, or bamboo as decorations for the tables and food areas.

Easy centerpieces are flowers in bamboo vases, or piles of green fruit in wooden or glass bowls. You could definitely use real plates and cutlery here, or if the event is a big one, aim for recycled products. Cloth napkins would be a great place to insert the motif – you could roll them up or fold them and hold them in place with an extra-large safety pin. Sprinkle the tables with the glass rocks used for aquariums instead of confetti. Set up a recycling center in a conspicuous place, so people will be able to deposit their trash properly.

Green food is definitely called for, both in color and organic-wise. Shop your local organic market for green fruits and vegetables. You could serve a light meal of mixed greens with green peppers, chunks of cucumbers, and slices of avocado topped with a parsley vinaigrette, a selection of artisan breads and cheeses, and a mixed fruit compote of green grapes, green apples, pears, and kiwi chunks with a light sauce on the side of organic yogurt or tofu dressing, if some of your guests are vegans. You could add a cake to this, or petit fours, if you like. For drinks, fresh fruit juices and organic white wines are perfect here. Isn't that simple?

Pins come into play again during the baby shower games. A classic is to fill a bottle of baby food with safety pins and have the guests guess how many are inside. The one closest to the number wins a prize – organic, of course.

Another game is to give each guest a safety pin as they come in and ask them to use it during the party. The object of this game is not to use a certain word during the party like “Baby.” If someone overhears them saying that certain word, the safety pin is taken away. The winner is the person at the end of the party that is still wearing the safety pin. Again, the prizes for guests who still have the pins should be something organic.

Safety pins make great favors for the guests, too. There are quite a few websites that show how to make simple jewelry from safety pins. These unusual gifts for guests are sure to be worn after the party, and not kept away. After all, isn't using what you have one of the tenets of green living?