Baby Shower Entertainment: How to Have Maximum Fun at Baby Showers

Having fun is half the reason why you have baby showers, the other half of course is to get gifts from your beloved friends. If you are throwing a baby shower and you want to have as much fun as you can possibly have before you get a needle shoved in your spine at delivery, you should think of gimmicks to make the event exactly what how you want it to be. When it comes to entertainment, there are many things that you can do.

Karaoke- A baby shower party at your house is a perfect excuse to haul out everyone’s voice that would motivate their own showers to kick them out. You can sing anything from the really fun disco tunes to the more indulgent Madonna songs that can only be acceptable when everyone is half past drunk.

Baby Shower Games- Dress up the baby, how big is mommy’s tummy, spell that smell, and other baby games would be fun to play especially when you have other mothers as guests.

Charades- This game is a classic and would make every party, baby shower or otherwise, an instant riot. It is simple, it’s fun, and it’s a perfect excuse to haul out all the jeers you have been saving since the senior year.

Background music- While everyone is eating, there has to be something fun on the background. Any disco tune is fun but stay away from any Kenny G since it is not a baby slash bridal shower.

Party poppers- Heckling people who are singing their hearts out with these annoyingly loud party poppers is really a great idea. Since you cannot light firecrackers indoors, this might be a very good alternative.

Movie Marathon- If you are having only your best girlfriends over for the party, it might be a good idea for you to hunker down in front of the TV and watch some of the best baby movies of all time. Watching Look who’s talking now, Baby’s day out, and many other great baby flicks would really be a good idea to spend the rest of the afternoon. You can eat chips, tons or ice cream, milk shakes, star shaped cheese, and perhaps even make cocktails (for those who are not expecting a child).

It does not have to be a grand event for it to be fun. In fact, the simpler, the better holds true in this case.