Why Use Baby Shower Icebreakers?

It's all very well when all the guests at your baby shower know one another. There's an instant camaraderie and the party kicks off without a hitch. But, if one of the relatives of the mommy-to-be has been invited and she's a new face to everybody, that person would definitely be ill at ease. That's when baby shower ice breakers come in to save the party.

Parties are usually enjoyable only when everyone's comfortable; having a baby shower ice breaker at the start ensures that everyone's able to work well together and relax in each other's company. An icebreaker is a game that actually forces people to interact and get to know each other a little better.

The challenge on the part of the hostess is to find a good game that is challenging to everybody where they have to work together to succeed. Maybe some of these baby shower ice breakers will work at your next baby shower:

Guess the Picture – at the entry point of your baby shower, display some pictures that show usual and unusual objects from a different perspective. For example, a microphoto of the skin, hair blowing in the breeze, a part of a car or a household appliance, a picture of a local building taken from the side instead of the front, and so on. The pictures should be numbered, and as each guest arrives, they are handed a numbered list and a pencil in order to identify what the pictures are. The correct answers are revealed when the baby shower is already under way to give everyone time to mingle and ask each other questions. There will be two guests that receive prizes for this game – one that got the most answer right and the other the one that the guests found most helpful. Let the guests vote for the winner of the latter prize.

Bag It – for this game, pass out large paper bags that can fit over or on top of a person's head. Ask everyone to put the bag on their heads. Taking turns at a small baby shower or all together at a large one, take from three to five rounds asking people to take of something that they don't need. Most people will take off something other than the paper bag, so the one that finally removes their paper bag is the winner.

The Weigh-In – after everyone's gathered together, have an assistant bring in a weighing scale with a lot of ceremony and put it in the middle of the room. All at once, your guests are definitely going to be getting nervous, just with the sight of that scale.

Announce to everyone that it is now time to weigh in, one at a time, and call for the skinniest person in the room. When that person has been pushed to the front, explain that what will be weighed are the purses, not the people! The guest with the heaviest purse wins a prize in this game.