Choosing and Booking a Hall for Your Baby Shower

After determining your budget, the next step in planning would be to choose and reserve the venue for your baby shower. If you've decided to have the baby shower in a home, then you don't really need to worry about this. However, if your guest list is rather long, a hall would be the best choice for you.

There are some considerations in booking a baby shower hall. Some of the more obvious are location and price, but there are other things you should consider when you are choosing.

First of all, how many guests do you have? If it's a sit-down celebration, you should allow 20 square feet per person, but you can make it a tighter squeeze at 5 feet per person if you go for a cocktail party style instead.

Price is an obvious consideration, since it should fit your budget, but there are other questions that should be answered when choosing the location. First of all, is it close to the mommy-to-be? Her comfort comes first, as it's hard to move around late in a pregnancy.

Is it easy to find? Halls near Main Street tend to be pricier but are easier to find than cheaper venues on the back streets. Next, is it near public transportation that most of your guests use? If you choose a venue five blocks away from the bus stop or subway exit, your guests won't be too happy with you!

If you have guests with cars, where are they going to park? Best be sure that there is a parking area nearby, even if it's paid parking. It's much better than letting your guests fight for parking with the regulars on the street.

Next question on the agenda is – how is the food getting to the party area? If you're having the baby shower catered, then you should also check if there's place for them to set up and plate and possibly cook a course while they're there. Does the venue have a kitchen or kitchenette? This question is all the more important if you're providing the food yourself. What equipment comes with the kitchen? Is there a stove, oven, or refrigerator?

One thing that most hosts forget to consider that is very important is where the guests are going to go to relieve themselves. Lavatories are extremely crucial, especially at big celebrations. Count one lavatory stall per fifty guests that are attending. This is a priority for the mommy-to-be's comfort!

Hotels and restaurants are obvious, although pricier, choices. It's easy, though, since they take care of the food, décor, and everything else! All you need to do is show up with the cake, favors, extra décor, and the guests. Instant party!

If price is more of a consideration, then a church or religious organization usually has a hall ready to rent for a minimal cost or a donation. These usually come with a kitchen already set up and space to put non-edibles like tableware and linens.

A final choice, if the weather cooperates, would be in a garden or in a nearby park. Although, you should have an alternate venue ready in case it rains!