Baby Showers are Fun with These Activity Ideas

Having activities that are related to motherhood are always best to have at a baby shower, but they can sometimes be boring or a little over the top. Here are some ideas for activities that everyone will surely enjoy.

Onesies for Baby – This can be done as soon as the guests enter the baby shower. With some plain colored onesies and some fabric paint, baby shower guests could come up with unique designs ideas for the baby. Have an activity table and some chairs set up and hang a clothesline or a display area for them to put their works of art on when they’re done. You can also give out prizes for the best design. Everyone can vote on this towards the end of the party.

Baby’s Got The Look – Divide the guests to groups of three or four. Each group should have scissors, crayons, markers and pieces of paper. Give each group some parenting or baby magazines. Groups will now make a collage of what they think the baby will look like by cutting out pictures from the magazines you gave them. They can be as creative as they can and decorate their projects however they wish. Have them explain their “baby look” after they’re done. Everyone votes on his or her favorite look and that group wins a prize.

Birthday Wishes – Have your guests write down their advice or wishes for the baby while he or she grows older. They can write anecdotes or stories or plain birthday wishes. Have some blank cards and envelopes for them to write on and label them “Happy 1st Birthday” and so on up to whatever number of guests you have. Everyone gets a different “birthday card”, which will make it interesting to see what birthday messages the baby will get for his or her birthday every year.

Advice Cards – Hand out note cards to guests and have them write a question that a mother-to-be might ask. For example, “How often should I change baby’s diapers?” or “What kind of music should my baby be listening to?” When everyone’s done writing their question, have them flip over their card and hand it to the person on their right. Now have them write the answer to their own question. Have everyone read the question on their card and the answers they wrote down. More often than not, this will be an activity full of laughter.

Time Capsule – Mention in the invitation that you will be making a time capsule for the baby and that each guest should bring something characteristic of the year the baby will be born in. It can be anything from a newspaper clipping or a movie ticket or a grocery receipt or a coin. Have a container ready that’s related to your theme. During the activity, have your guests explain their choice of item for the time capsule before they put it in. When everyone has put his or her things in the container, give the container to the expectant mother.

It is always nice to have everyone participate in the baby shower activities to make the party more enjoyable and fun. It is also a great way to show support for the expectant mother.