Baby Shower Songs

When you think of a baby shower, most people picture pretty pastels and rocking horse cookies, but one element that is often forgotten is the music. Music sets the mood of any atmosphere or space. Many artists use music to inspire thought and emotion, so why not use music to inspire creativity at your shower?

There are several different genres of music that one can use to reflect how you feel about your forth coming birth. You may decide to use country, with its soft twang and generally wholesome message to reflect hope and deep seated emotions. You may also choose to use fun songs from the 70's or 80's to convey your emotions. Some of the hip hop of the early 90's may be a fun twist, and of course you may choose to use religious music.

If you are having a shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of a boy, you may consider songs like Monica's "The Boy Is Mine", or Rodney Atkins "I've Been Watching You". There are several other songs that reflect the special qualities of boys. You may choose to use songs that involve colors to reflect sex as well. There are several songs about blue that will say everything that matters about your special boy.

Picking songs for a little girl is a somewhat easier task in that most songs are written about how a person feels toward a woman. Songs like "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" or "In My Daughter's Eyes" are easily found and usually well known. There are many songs to reflect the sweetness and passion of little girls. They often remind you of just how fragile they can be.

For the parent that chooses not to know the sex of their baby, choosing a coed soundtrack is the best bet. Many parents in this position often choose silly children's songs or the standard classical soundtrack and soothing tones of Bach or Beethoven. Classical music covers all situations in that it isn't singularly focused and almost everyone can feel soothed.

Another use of music in your shower is for games. You may play a game that tests your memory and repetitive skills. You have your guests stand in a circle and starting with one song, you add one more title per player until you have a whole list. As each player gains a turn, if they cannot remember the ever growing list, then they are booted out of the game. The last player that remains standing wins the prize!

So as mentioned before, music is the essential addition to any shower. With the versatility offered in the many genres and styles of music, you can make your shower reflect you own personality. Whether you choose to play Bach or Aerosmith, you are making a clear and concise statement about what you want to say about your growing family. It is the one more chance to show your love for your child!