Couples Baby Shower Party Ideas

Couples baby showers are something not so very traditional, and definitely something very new. Since a couples baby shower is not focused on the expectant mother, but includes the dad-to-be as well, it's nice to reflect that feeling with the shower favors and not make it something so feminine.

There are many ideas floating around for baby shower favors. Let's take a look at a few non-gender sensitive and practical favors here. It's good to put a little thought into the favors because the last thing you want is to have your favor deposited inside someone's garbage can after the shower.

A few great ideas for couples baby shower favors include food. Men especially love food, and any kind of snack would definitely appeal to them. One great kind of favor would be a bunch of spicy cheese sticks wrapped in clear cellophane and tied up with a ribbon in one of the theme colors. If you're not averse to it, a bottle or two of specialty beer decorated with a ribbon would also be great.

If the mom-to-be is game, a tongue in cheek favor of a cinnamon bun or other kind of sweet bread would be a very witty favor. Wrapped up in cellophane, tulle, and ribbons, it can carry a little diaper or other baby theme shaped card with the words, “Mom's Little Bun in the Oven” printed on it. Coffee and tea giveaways can be accompanying favors or are terrific ideas for stand-alone favors of their own. Small bags of gourmet coffee or a selection of unusual teas could be arranged in a large mug with a little teaspoon and sachets of sugar and creamer to go along with it. If the mugs could be printed with something like “Use for Sleepless Nights Only,” it will be that much more appreciated.

The parents with a sweet tooth will definitely appreciate giveaways of chocolate bars. The difference here is that the paper sleeve is replaced with a customized one that thanks the guests for helping them celebrate the couples baby shower. It's easy to print one out with the computer, since so many different designs are available on the internet. A favor that incorporates a thank you card in it? Definitely one of the ideas worth considering.

When more practical ideas are called for, a very green baby shower favor would be a seed card. These specialty thank you cards are available over the internet. They're not kept, but are planted in the garden for a welcome crop of flowers or a tree that can be grown in the baby's honor. Or, from DIY parents, a more practical and useful gift in the form of a multi-use pocket knife is in order. The assorted tools can be used to fix little problems around the house that crop up with babies, like putting together a toy or a crib. Other ideas are miniature LED flashlights for emergencies or movie rental gift certificates for that blessed quiet night at home.

Couples baby shower favors don't have to be the same old run-of-the-mill baby bottles filled with jellybeans or plastic baby toys dolled up with ribbons and lace. There are many more ideas out there, but you can certainly come up with your own. What a way for a couples baby shower to be remembered!