Couples Baby Shower Games

When you think of a baby shower, you probably think of cute baby themes, adorable decorations, and of course, women. Usually a baby shower brings no thought of a man, expect maybe the father-to-be, and even in some cases, he isn't allowed at the baby shower either. But, as time has passed, more and more men have decided to attend baby showers. Sometimes a mother-to-be will invite a couple, but most times only the female will come. If you are planning a baby shower and couples are expected to attend, it may be a good idea to think of some couples baby shower games that can be played. This way, the men are entertained, and the women can have fun with their partner playing these outrageously fun games.

Games are meant to be fun, especially those played at baby showers. They should of course relate to a baby in some way. When it comes to couples baby shower games, you will want to make these a little bit more challenging, as well as competitive. What's more fun than watching couples compete at a baby shower game! There are plenty of games to choose from, and you can even create some of your own. Remember, these games should only be able to be played if a couple is playing.

A really good couples baby shower game to play is the Diaper Changing game. This game involves a baby doll for each couple, as well as a diaper. The point of this game is for the couple to take off the diaper already on the baby and put on the new diaper while working together. The catch of the game is that each person can only use one of their hands. This means you should have each player hold a hand behind his/her back. To make it even more fun, tie the couple's right hands together. This way, they can only use their left hands. This makes putting on a diaper extremely hard! Whichever couple is able to change the diaper and put the new one on wins.

Another great game for couples to play is one involving an obstacle course. This game requires a baby doll, as well as strollers. The point of the game is for the female member of the couple to navigate the male through an obstacle course. The male will be blindfolded, but will have to make his way through the course by following the directions given by his partner. This calls for an extreme amount of teamwork. Each couple should be timed, and the fastest couple wins a prize.

The couples baby shower games you choose should most definitely be fun and exciting. Even though most men will dread going to a baby shower, these games can really make it fun, even for the men. For these guests who came alone, it's important that the game is fun to watch. When it comes to couples, the games you choose should involve both members, and should most definitely be competitive.