Couples Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Baby showers are usually quite girly, frilly, silly occasions where women reign. But now, equality of the sexes is really becoming more equal as more and more men are becoming interested in welcoming their little ones into the world. Even if that's something really great, it poses a problem for party planners – what kind of theme can be used to bring all elements of the party together?

If the baby shower is thought of more as a party, then everything becomes much simpler. It can be based on the man's hobby, like basketball if the shower is to be held during the NBA Playoff season or maybe golf, sports cars, or whatever else he finds interesting. The important thing to remember is to make the other guest of honor as comfortable at the party as possible.

To give you an idea of how it can be put together, let's take the NBA theme. The room can be decorated in the chosen team's colors with banners or balloon bunches. If the owner of the house doesn't mind, large posters of the team's MVPs can cover the walls. Big and small basketballs can be used to decorate tabletops when put in glass jars (picture apples in jars and replace with basketballs). Snacks could be served with this. For example, set up a hotdog buffet at one end of the room, platters of steamed dogs, sliced buns, mustard, mayo, ketchup, relish, chili, cheese... and the list goes on.

A great summer theme for a couples baby shower could be the beach. It could be set up as simply as throwing a few beach towels in the garden and sticking a beach umbrella or two into the ground. With a few big floor pillows on the towels and bamboo trays in lieu of tables, the beach vibe starts to make itself felt. Center it all with several low glass containers filled with builder's sand and topped with the usual beachcomber's treasures: shells, pretty stones, interesting bits of driftwood, and a scattering of stray beads. A few pillar candles can be added if the event's going to be in the late afternoon or evening.

Stuck for colors? Keep it all white. It's not only extremely elegant; it'll drop the temperature down a few degrees for the expectant mother. Typical beach party food can go with this theme – a variety of grilled sausages, tomato and corn relish, and everyone's favorite s'mores. Now really, who wouldn't enjoy this?

If you've got yourself a couple of travel bugs, then you're really in luck. This could be the easiest couples baby shower theme ever! If they have a favorite country (France, for example), then make that your theme. Everything could be in a Provencal blue and yellow, or a more graphic Parisian black and white, if that's more their thing. Some candles to get the mood going and a few more typically “French” things like having a big bunch of flowers in the theme colors arranged casually near the food table and using silver cutlery and fabric napkins will give your celebration that 'je ne sais quoi' the guests of honor might be longing for.

The food could be as simple as a selection of breads, fruits, cheeses, and nuts with a choice of non-alcoholic and alcoholic wines. Asking the guests to come in what they think a Parisian would wear adds another layer to the ambiance. If you would want to give little gifts, maybe a small pate or a half bottle of wine would be good choice.

So actually, a baby shower with the expecting couple in mind is really a great idea. Just keep the theme to something they would both enjoy.