"Famous Baby" Baby Shower Games

There are many variations on the “Famous Baby” baby shower games and they all involve either celebrities or famous people from history. All these games are really fun and quite a challenge, too!

The first famous baby shower game involves the expected baby, too. If the parents-to-be have decided on the baby's name already, each of the guests are given a maximum of three minutes to list famous people that have the same first name as the baby. The guest who gets the most correct answers in the game wins.

The next is a little more complicated since it involves celebrities and their children. Make a list of celebrities on one side of a piece of paper and list down the names of their children on the other. To make it a bit more challenging, mix up the names and let the guests match the child to the parent. This game can be given a maximum of three minutes as well. The guest that has the most answers correct wins a little prize.

One famous baby shower game that is rather complicated to prepare but is a lot of fun because of the challenge is to match the faces of the celebrities when they were babies to their faces now. While it's a little easy with child stars like the Olsen twins, Brooke Shields, and Drew Barrymore, you can liven it up a little by throwing in baby pictures of Leonardo di Caprio, Angelina Jolie, and Keanu Reeves.

Just get the pictures off the internet (try “celebs when they were kids”) and print them out. Tack them onto a board or onto the wall and assign each one a number. Have the guests write the names of the celebrities down on a piece of paper according to the numbers that they were assigned. The guest with the most guesses right is the winner. Remember to keep a cheat sheet for this one!

A fun variation for the couch potatoes is TV Babies. Come up with a list of TV shows that include children and have your guests name the children on the show, not the names of the actors. Make a mix of current and old shows to make it harder. What about those guests that can name the actors as well as the characters? Extra points and special prizes for them!

A really tough game is Baby Boom. Have the guests write down the names of the celebrity babies that they know – one for each letter of the alphabet! Does that seem too easy for your friends? Limit it to the babies born only last year.

With all those famous babies, your guests only deserve the best prizes. Some fun ideas are packs of microwaveable popcorn for eating in front of the TV, a bottle of ready-to-make brownie mix, a certificate for a home-delivered regular pizza, and a container of crackers and cheese make perfect TV snacks.

What can you give the person that gets all of the celebrity questions right? How about an elastic band so they can at least exercise while watching?