Are There Rules and Variations for Baby Shower Bingo?

Who wants to play baby shower bingo? There's practically no one that would refuse to join in this type of baby shower game, especially if you've got lots of great prizes to boot!

When you have baby shower bingo on your list of games, you'll need to get everything prepared. These can be purchased blank and then personalized or can be downloaded from the web and printed. This is the best way for you to personalize the bingo cards to suit the color scheme of the baby shower.

Each of the spaces on the bingo card should contain a name of a baby-related item and the exact center will be a free space, just like the usual bingo games. Just make sure that the order of items on the cards are different so that each participant has a chance to win. That means each guest needs their own bingo card. The only other thing you'll need to prepare will be slips of paper that have the baby item names on them. You'll be using these instead of the bingo balls.

Each guest should have a bingo card and markers to play.

There are still rules to follow with baby shower bingo. When each guest arrives, ask them to choose a bingo card to play with. Keep the slips of paper in a bag and when it comes time for the game, pull out a slip and call out the baby item.

The aim is to have five items all in a row, no matter if they are horizontal, diagonal, or vertical. The first person to get this is the winner.

To make the game a little tougher, you can have the guests spell out the word B-A-B-Y on the card. You'll need to use a different kind of marker for this, something that allows the card to be reused for the four rounds of bingo. Corn kernels make great markers, as well as pennies or large beads. Some prefer to use edible markers, like Kisses or Pez or even M&M's to mark off the presents. Each guest will need about twenty of these markers to play.

Another way to play baby shower bingo is to have the guests start when the mommy-to-be opens her gifts. The difference here is that you'll be asking the guests to fill up the cards with possible gifts that she may receive during the shower.

As each present is opened, the guests should cross out the names on the bingo cards. When the first guest gets five presents in a row, a winner is declared.

You'll need to prepare multiple small prizes for this game since it's possible that more than one person can win. If you're playing in levels, then you'll want to choose one big prize for the final level -usually called “Blackout” since all the squares must be covered - to keep everyone's excitement up.

This classic game is still played up to now for a great reason – it's fun!