Baby Shower Word Scrambles

Baby shower word scramble games are useful for keeping your guests occupied while they are waiting for the others to arrive and you have some last-minute things to attend to before the party starts in earnest. There are literally hundreds of baby scramble games that you can download for free over the internet to help you start out.

You can embellish the background of these games if you're inclined to or leave it as plain as you want. Just make sure that the decorations are at the edges to keep the words clear. Or print the background using only 20-30% of color concentration so it's still visible.

Make up a list of about 15-20 baby-related words for this game. Scramble up the letters of each word and keep your master list. Print out the list of scrambled words and give a list to each guest with a pencil.

They should be able to unscramble the words within a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 minutes. The first one to unscramble the words within the allotted time is the winner.

Another variation of the baby shower word scramble game is to take the top names of the year and scramble them up. It would be interesting for the guests to discover what the most popular names are for the year!

Make a list of the top ten or top five baby names for boys and girls for the current or past year. Once you're done scrambling up the letters, make a copy of the list for each guest.

Each guest gets a copy of the list and a pencil. They each have a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes to unscramble all the names. The first one to completely unscramble all the names is the winner. Keep an answer key with you to check the final lists.

Some fun variations on the games are to use alphabet cereal or alphabet soup noodles to create words. Give each guest a small handful of noodles or cereal and have them create words using them. It's a great way to play with your food and is a kind of a thrill since it's always been forbidden to play with words in your alphabet soup!

Another baby shower word scramble game tests your knowledge of memory rhymes. Obviously, new mommies will be at an advantage here. The titles of nursery rhymes are scrambled up and a little clue about them is printed on the bottom. The first guest that can completely solve the puzzles is the winner. Your list can look like this:

eht etrhe iltetl stenkti = Triplet felines who can't keep track of their clothing

ymuhtp ypmtud = Irreparable broken egg

eltilt sims efutfm = Small seated girl scared of insects

You can also make a baby shower word scramble game using the names of the parents-to-be. Try scrambling the names to make a name for the baby or to come up with all the words that they can, using the names.