Interactive Baby Shower Games Keep the Celebration Fun

Hosting a baby shower is a privilege, yet is a scary role to take on. You are faced with all the details of planning and choosing things that the guests won't find tacky. Then there are the ever-dreaded games that are stressful to both sides. The host could be worried that the games may be flops, and the guests are worried about being forced to join games they would be embarrassed to take part in.

However, there are great games out there that are interesting yet simple. These interactive baby shower games are great for breaking the ice and getting the guests out of their seats and involved with the celebrations. A great game is one that can engage the senses and also encourage guest participation to keep everybody busy.

A good tip to remember is not to bunch up all the games at one time but to spread them out throughout the party. For example, you can choose to have three games and one as a back-up in case you are not yet done with the time allotment. Have one game when everyone arrives, or have it continuing while the guests are arriving. Then schedule another in the middle of the baby shower, either before or after a meal, depending on how active you intend to be. The third could be around the time the gifts are opened, to also get everyone gathered around the mommy-to-be. If everyone's spirits are still high, another game, more low-key this time, could end the baby shower on a high note. The prizes then will be given after the final game.

Say Baby – this is one of the extremely interactive baby shower games that force the guests to pay attention to their fellow attendees. When the guests arrive, hand each one a baby shower button, a ribbon pin, or a diaper pin to wear during the baby shower. Instruct them to listen for the word “Baby” throughout the shower. Whenever they hear the word, they can take the other's pin. The game doesn't stop, with people taking and adding pins to their collection. The winner at the end of the baby shower is the one wearing the most pins. What's nice about this game is while it's competitive, no one is ever out of the game.

Whodunnit – the guests are provided with a list of traits that describe other people attending the party. The traits could include “has brown eyes,” or “has more several brothers and sisters,” “was born during the holiday season.” The guests need to mingle with everyone to find the guest that matches the trait listed. The person with the most complete list at the end of the baby shower wins a prize.

Baby Pictionary is a great group game that gets everyone involved. The guests should be divided into several groups and get pieces of paper with phrases related to babies, pregnancy, and bringing up children. The designated guest has to draw images for their teammates to guess. A dry-erase board and marker or a chalkboard with chalk it all the equipment you need for this incredibly challenging game.

Baby Scattergories is another interactive group game that is very interesting to play. Again, divide the guests into groups. Prepare some categories beforehand like baby names, baby care items, baby animals, and baby activities. Call out a letter and have the group fill in all the categories with items that start with that letter. Have a set amount of time – say, a minute – for each group to complete. At the end of each round, the duplicate words are crossed out. The group with the most words left at the end of the game is the winner.

Baby showers are special times and interactive games can make them even more fun. It's a great excuse for a reunion between friends and family of all ages and genders. Games are actually an essential part of a baby shower because they keep the guests involved so they don't seem like observers during a celebration but are active parts of it. They make the shower pleasant and interesting, and will definitely make memories for years to come.