Hilarious Baby Shower Games

Usually, a baby shower is a little stiff, just a time for friends and family to gather politely together and hold a celebration for the birth of the new baby. There's the pretty decorations, some delicious food or snacks, then the mommy-to-be opens all her gifts.

Yes, the center of attention is the mommy-to-be and the party is thrown for her, but it's not a reason for only her having a lot of fun. Throwing some hilarious baby shower games into the mix allows the guests to open up and indulge in a little clowning around. It's also a good way to break the ice if some of the guests are new to the group. You may be pleasantly surprised by the laughter and memories games can create even years after the baby shower.

Just remember that any games you choose to play shouldn't be embarrassing for either the mommy-to-be or the guests. Always ask the mommy-to-be if she's willing to be part of the games before you even announce them. Never have any hilarious baby shower games that make the guests uncomfortable; if anyone begs off, let them be.

There are quite a few hilarious baby shower games that you can play to lighten the mood of the baby shower. Let's take a look at some of them here:

Dirty Diaper – prepare some white napkins folded to look like diapers. Fill some with wadded cotton or anything bulky and only one with an opened chocolate kiss or some chocolate chips, if you prefer. Fasten the “diapers” with a little safety pin. Hand each one to a guest as they arrive and inform them that they will be opening the packages later and one contains a surprise. Warn them that one is a dirty diaper and they can only change it at a later time during the shower. Have everyone open all the diapers together at a certain point and the one with the chocolates in the diaper wins a prize.

Changing the Baby – this is a timed game to see who can undress and dress a baby the fastest. Have 2 life-sized baby dolls in a complete change of clothes for the game. The dolls should be completely dressed, from diapers, pants, shirt, socks, shoes, jacket, hat, and mittens. Working in relay fashion, each guest has to undress and then completely dress the baby. She then gets to tag the next guest in line to do the same. The group that finishes first wins the game.

You can also play this game as a couple, but using only one hand to change the baby; for example, the husband can use his right hand only and the wife just uses her left hand. They must work together as a team to get the baby dressed.

Feed the Baby – this is a hilarious baby shower game for a couples shower. One partner will be the baby and the other is the parent. With the spoon held in the mouth and hands kept behind their backs, the parent should feed a jar of baby food to the other in the fastest amount of time. Be sure to provide a bib for the “baby,” they're going to need it in this game!

Name That Poop – while rather gross, this hilarious game is priceless even just for the look on the guests' faces as it's announced! Use some disposable diapers or make some diapers out of folded white napkins. Fill the diapers with mashed food like candy bars, mustard, chocolate cake, rocky road ice cream, fudge sauce, caramel sauce... and have the guests guess what's inside the diapers. They can examine the diapers, smell them, and even taste if they want to. The guest with the highest number of correct guesses wins.

If you decide to give prizes for the games, you don't need to hand out anything big or expensive. Small favors like candles, note cards, sachets, candy bars, or key chains are good.