Some Popular Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Enjoy

Every baby shower has a highlight and it's usually the games the hostess planned for the guests. These are rather silly, or even frivolous, games that guests should not need to dread. Let's go through some of the more popular baby shower games that any guest would enjoy.

Name That Baby – do a search for songs that mention the word “Baby” or “Babe” in the title and choose about 15 songs. Burn them on a CD and let the fun begin!

At the baby shower, hand out paper and pencils to the guests and ask them to guess the name of the song. You could hint that the songs have babies in them. Play just the first 15 or 20 seconds of each song before you move on to the next.

The guest with the most correct and complete answers wins this popular baby shower games. You could make it a little more challenging by asking the guests to list the artist as well as the title.

Don't Say Baby – this fun, popular baby shower games forces the guests to pay attention to what each other is saying! When each one arrives, pin a diaper pin onto the front of their clothing. Instruct them to avoid saying the word “Baby” while the baby shower is going on. If someone catches another saying the word “Baby,” then their pin is forfeit to the one that caught them; the person still wearing their pin when the baby shower is about to end is the winner.

Who's That Baby? - this is perfect icebreaker and really popular baby shower games for the times that the guests don't know each other too well. Everyone loves baby pictures, so ask each guest to bring a picture of themselves when they were babies. Collect the pictures from each guest as they arrive. Have a place to display pictures and put a number beside each one .When everybody has arrived, put all the pictures out at once. Hand out paper and pencils to each guest and have the guests match the baby pictures to the adult. About ten minutes should be enough time for this. The one with the most number of correct guesses wins.

Baby Stroller Olympics – this highly popular baby shower games because it gets the guests out of their seats and racing around obstacles. This is not suitable for a small, enclosed area, though but would be better if the baby shower was held outside.

For this game, you need a stroller, a baby doll, objects you can use in an obstacle course like chairs and such, and a stopwatch. Each person should start behind the designated starting point, holding the baby doll and the stroller. The mommy-to-be (the designated judge in this case) gives the signal to start, and the guest has to securely strap the doll into the stroller and push the stroller around the obstacle course until the designated finish point.

If the guest hits an obstacle or goes the wrong way, they get a one-second penalty for that. But if the stroller tips over, or the baby falls out, the guest is disqualified. The winner is the one with the least penalties and the fastest time.