Make a Box of Questions the Basis of Your Next Baby Shower Game

When you're the one planning the baby shower games, it's something that is rather exciting and challenging but stressful at the same time. When you're on the player's end, you dread to see what game will pop up next. Will it be measuring the mommy-to-be's tummy? Sniffing diapers? Making a creation out of diapers or chewing gum? It's time that a new game was introduced, one that makes fun use of facts and knowledge to make the players win.

There's a new baby shower game out called the box of questions. This can be purchased on the net or in baby shower boutiques but can also be personalized for the parents-to-be. Either way, it's a truly entertaining game that requires a lot of thought to win.

You can have a minimum of twenty questions to a maximum of fifty questions printed onto cards placed in a box. The topics can range from conversation starters and opinions to general trivia to personal facts about the parents-to-be.

Each guest should pull out a card and then answer the question printed on it. It's more of a way for guests to share their experience and give helpful advice to the new parents. Putting in some thought-provoking questions would also allow the guests to share their deepest feelings on certain topics.

You have a choice of tons of questions to put on the cards! Some of them could be:

What is the mommy-to-be (or daddy-to-be's) middle or full name?
When is the baby's due date?
How far along was the mommy-to-be in the pregnancy when she found out she was pregnant?
What's the mommy-to-be's favorite food?
What's the weirdest craving the mommy-to-be has had so far?
What song would best fit (the pregnancy, labor, the first time you see the baby)?
Who among the parents-to-be's friends would be the worst influence on the baby and why?
What's the best piece of advice you can give to the mommy-to-be?
Which famous person do you think would be the best role model for the baby and why?
What piece of advice would you give to the baby on his twenty-first birthday?
What is the best experience you've had so far as a parent (or with a child if you're not a parent)?
What talent do you wish the baby will inherit from a parent and why?
What's the best habit the child can get from his parents?
What's the most interesting tradition about pregnancy or childbirth that you've heard about?
How long would it take for a baby to recognize his father's voice?
What is a pregnant woman not allowed to do in Turkey?
What would you call a pacifier if you were British?
How many diapers would a baby use until the time he is potty trained?
How many more people in the world will share the baby's birthday?
What do you think are the most common multi-tasking activities done by moms?

The best thing about this game is it gets people talking. It's not really going to end when the game is over, but people are going to continue the conversation all throughout the baby shower.