Baby Shower Games for Men

Baby showers are usually a time for women, all of whom are close to the mother-to-be including family members, friends, coworkers, and others, to come together and celebrate the soon-to-be birth of a new baby! Baby showers are time to have fun and do girly things. Most of the time men are told to stay home. But, many mothers-to-be have decided to change the rules and actually allow their husbands, as well as other men to come to the baby shower. Of course you can always just use them to put up decorations, set up the location, and get the food ready. However, it's always nice to include the men at the baby shower in some of the fun. To do this, you can play baby shower games for men. These games should be fun, and extremely competitive.

One game that the men at the baby shower could play is Chug the Bottle. Before the baby shower, go to the store and purchase cheap packs of baby bottles that can be used for this game. You can fill these up with wine, liquor, beer, or any other type of liquid. Since men usually like to drink, this game involves passing out the bottles to each man at the baby shower, and saying "Go!" Once the go is announced, the men will have to drink the entire bottle. Of course, you can make the game easy by cutting the nipples so that the hole is bigger, or you can really have the guests laughing and leave the nipples as they are. Imagine a bunch of men sucking bottles full of beer! To really make the game fun, tell the men that they can't hold the bottle with their hands.

Another fun baby shower game for men is Babysitter. This game involves baby dolls, diapers, and wipes. Since we know men will eventually be changing a diaper someday, including dad-to-be, why not start early? To make this game fun, dirty up the baby dolls diapers. Put whatever you want inside of them, and make sure the baby's bottom gets extremely dirty! Give the men five minutes, and have each of them change the baby's diaper. The person whose baby's bottom is cleanest and is able to put on the diaper the correct way, will win the game.

Watch the Baby is also a fun game. Blindfold each man and have him attempt to push a stroller from one end of the room to the next. This is sure to be hilarious as most men stumble enough when it comes to pushing a stroller. If you don't want to use blindfolds, try making an obstacle course that each man has to go through and finish safely. The man who does it in the fastest time is the winner.

While men generally aren't allowed to come to baby showers, or don't want to come at all, times have changed and more and more men are attending baby showers. It's important that you can come up with baby shower game ideas for men, that way they aren't sitting around bored while all of the women at the party are having a ball.