Baby Pictionary and Other Games Keep It Fun at Baby Showers

There is no way you can have a baby shower without having a game or two. Of course, there is always a guest that will disagree, but they are usually in the minority. In any case, games need an audience, right? They can be judge or part of the cheering squad, so that's ok.

A few games are considered mainstays (and are incredibly easy), like guessing the expecting mother's girth or Baby cakes, where the guest that gets a cupcake or a slice of cake with a toy baby inside wins a prize. But there are some games that require advance preparation like Baby Pictionary or Smelly Diapers and we'll discuss those here. The main thing you have to remember is to keep it short and sweet. Games should never be drawn out because it kills the party mood.

First of all, let's take Baby Pictionary. This game is based on regular pictionary, where one person in a team gets a word or phrase and has to draw it for others to guess. Before the baby shower, words and phrases related to motherhood, childbirth, or childcare are printed out on cards. At games time, the guests are divided into teams and each team gets a sheaf of blank paper and a pencil. The designated drawer gets to pick out a card and draw what she can without drawing the object itself so her team can guess correctly. The winning team is the one that gets the most correct guesses.

A time limit of a maximum of two minutes can be given to each time to keep the game moving along. A maximum of five to ten rounds should be enough before calling it quits. The more interesting the words or phrases are, the more fun and challenging the game is. A sampling of pictionary words could be:

breastfeeding no sleep baby book
first smile car seat humidifier
rattle bath time crib
stretch marks changing table weight gain
diaper bag umbilical cord dimples
onesie stroller goo goo ga ga
burping delivery room first step
nose syringe camera nursing pads
pacifier thermometer dirty laundry
baby wipes first haircut mobile

After Baby Pictionary, the next most popular game is Smelly Diapers. Keep the camera ready for this one, the expressions on your friends' faces will be hilarious! A word of warning – this game is not for those with weak stomachs or hyperactive imaginations.

Purchase about half a dozen disposable diapers. Or if you're averse to using disposables, you can use some paper toweling instead to simulate toilet paper. Microwave a few different kinds of chocolate candy like Mars Bars, Snickers, MM's, Mounds, etc., making sure to keep them separate and labeled. Smear a large bit each on a diaper or wad of paper toweling. The object of the game is to guess what kind of chocolate candy it is by smell and sight. The one that gets the most correct guesses is the winner.

Speaking of candy, there is a new word association game being played at baby showers. You pair a candy name with an action or condition of pregnancy or childbirth. Again, the team with the most correct guesses wins the prize. Have the selection of candy in front to make the game a little easier. Some of the word association partners could be:

Doctor's bills = Payday Engorgement = Mounds
Epidural = Lifesavers Cool Mom = Peppermint Patties
Implantation = Skor Girl's name = Baby Ruth
Sex Before Baby = Good n'Plenty Sex After Baby = Zero
Stomach After Baby = Jelly Belly What Daddy Shouldn't Do = Snickers

There is always a great game to play with your friends, if only to take a break from the responsibilities of adulthood and become kids again.