How to Make Your Own Baby Shower Hidden Picture Game

One game that has kept its classic status is the hidden picture game. In fact, it's played at many gatherings, including baby showers and children's parties that it is truly an activity enjoyed by all ages. No matter how old you are, you'll enjoy the thrill of finding objects which are hidden in plain sight. Add a time limit to that and it becomes all the more challenging.

While you could of course download these hidden picture pages off the internet, why not try making one all on your own? You could even choose the theme you like best or use the theme of the baby shower as well. Then all you need to do is incorporate essential baby items into the picture, scan it, print it out, and you're done.

First of all, find a theme that you like for the background. If you're having a picnic theme, for example, you could choose a picture of a park or a scene beside a stream to use. You could download these off the internet or do the old-fashioned thing and use a scene from a magazine.

Then add the characters to the picture. You can cut out people and animals from another magazine picture or print them out from the net as well. If you're creating the picture using a desktop publishing program, it's simple enough to simply paste them in where you want. You can put in people sitting down at a picnic lunch, have dogs walking around or playing, maybe a bird or two flying and a squirrel. The more details you add into the picture, the better. It will make the hidden objects harder to find.

Next. List down the objects you'll want to hide in your background picture. Ten to twelve objects would be enough without making it too obvious.

Fit the object in where the shapes or colors are about the same so they'll be more difficult to find. For example, a green rattle can be hidden in the bushes where the colors and shapes are just about the same. Or why not try hiding a yellow pacifier within the sun? It will just be the shape that will give it away. Or what about putting a rubber duckie in the river? You'll expect a duck there, just not a rubber one!

When you're satisfied with your work, make as many copies as you need for as many guests as you have. Hand them out to the guests along with the list of objects to be found and a pencil. Give everybody at least five minutes to find everything on the list.

After everything has been checked and compared to the master picture, the guest that found the most hidden objects within the time limits will win the game.

It's a terrific challenge that anybody can do. Of course, you can make this as whimsical or as realistic as you like. All you need to do is use your imagination in order to come up with your masterpiece.