How to Play the Baby Shower Attribute Game

Baby shower games are what actually make the party a lot of fun! All this activity brings the guests together to create a memorable experience for everybody. It also allows guests to mingle, without having anyone step out of their comfort zone, which is great for larger baby showers where not everyone knows each other.

One basic rule for making ice-breaker games like the Baby Attribute Game successful at the baby shower would be to have the rules fully explained before they even start. That makes the guests more comfortable at joining in because they won't look silly in front of everyone else.

This game is sometimes known as “How Well Do You Know Mommy-to-be?” All that involves is guessing how the mommy-to-be wants her baby to act and look like, whether those attributes come from her or the daddy-to-be. The person who gets the most answers correct will be the one to win this game.

Each guest needs to have a pre-printed form and a pen or pencil to fill it up. The paper should have three columns on it, with about twenty-five attributes picked out from the more obvious eyes, nose, and mouth, to the baby's smile, intelligence, allergies, sense of humor, height, attitude, hair color, and whatever else you can think up. The other two columns should be headed “Mommy” and “Daddy.”

It doesn't have to be attributes that are common to everyone either. If one is a morning person, or the other has a sweet tooth, that could definitely be part of the questionnaire. Another fun thing to add is a special talent or even a choice between the worst habits of mom and dad. The guests get to choose between the lesser of the two evils.

The guests should put a mark in the column they think they mommy-to-be would prefer. Now while the mommy-to-be could answer this in advance so you'll have a cheat sheet available, you could also have her fill it up with everyone else and then she can read out her answers and everybody checks their papers based on what she says.

About five minutes would be more than enough time to think of all the correct answers here. Have a large egg-timer in full view so that everyone feels pressured to beat it.

This game could be just for fun, where everyone wins a little something like a pack of mints or a personal-sized chocolate bar, but it could be for keeps as well. Choosing a pretty prize would usually be enough to keep everyone serious enough to think deeply about their answers before they mark it off.

It's a really fun game to play since people have to think about their answers very carefully. It's one that requires more thought than just trying to find diaper pins in a bowl of rice. It would also appeal to those guests who don't want to race strollers around a home-made race track. It's a very social game that appeals to everyone.