Baby Shower Boggle and Other Word Games

People of all ages have no end of fascination with word games. In fact, games like anagrams and boggle consistently top the list of baby shower games and it's no wonder. People just love finding words within other words and solving a puzzle.

Baby shower boggle is one word puzzle game with several variations. One simple way to play the game would be to give each guest a sheet of paper that has the baby's name written on the top. You could use a second and family name too, if you wish. The timer is then set for two minutes and then the game begins.

The players have to find as many words as they can in the baby's name. Eliminate any duplicate words on each player's list. Each remaining word is scored according to the number of syllables, with each syllable getting one point. Add another point for any word that is related to babies, pregnancy, motherhood, or childhood. The player with the highest score wins the game.

The game can also be played using a sentence like “This Mommy's Having a Baby!” or something silly like that. Any sentence will do and you can even include the mommy-to-be's name to make it more challenging.

With smaller baby showers, you can use a boggle cube and the lettered dice. Time the players again for two minutes and score the words in the same way. Again, give an extra point for words that are related to babies and mothers. Be sure to have a dictionary handy in order to settle disputes on wrong spelling and word validity.

Why not do another word puzzle game with anagrams? Compile a list of twenty words that have to do with babies. And then scramble the letters up. If you can, make the scrambled words into real words to make it more challenging. For example, “Baby Bottle” could turn up as “Latte Bobby” or “Babel By Tot.” You could use an online anagram program to help you muddle up the words.

Each guest then gets a list with all the words on them and the first one to unscramble all the words correctly is declared the winner. You could also set a timer and have the limit at two minutes.

You could also challenge the guests to complete their own word puzzle game. On a sheet of paper, write the baby's name down the left side of the paper. You could ask the guests to write down a baby-related item that starts with the letter of the baby's name. Cross out those that duplicate and then score the rest of the words as you would for boggle.

Or you can make the game a little more challenging and start with the baby-related items but have them be the first words of a poem. It could be a sentimental or funny poem. Have each guest read the poem out loud and award the best poems in given categories like humorous or sweet.