Baby Shower Memory Games

A terrific way to get your guests' brains working at your next baby shower is to use one of the versions of a memory game. This will really test how observant your friends and relatives are! A great gag prize to give a really forgetful guest would be a piece of string to tie around their finger.

One simple version of the baby shower memory game is to put an assortment of baby items on a tray – baby powder, diaper cream, baby wipes, a thermometer, a diaper, a Q-tip, teething gel, nail clippers, a onesie, a bib, a face towel, baby soap, baby lotion, a teether, a pacifier, a rattle, a baby bottle, an extra nipple, a hooded towel, nursing pads, a plushie, a miniature baby book, a small picture frame, and a camera would be a good mix.

Cover the tray with a baby blanket and when the time comes for the game, uncover the blanket and let them study the tray for about five minutes. Cover the tray again and ask them to list down as many of the items as they can remember. The guest that remembers the most items gets a prize. Of course, all the baby items used in the game go to the mommy-to-be.

Another baby shower memory game will have chocoholics remembering you forever. The candy bar memory game is another fun variation on the “Concentration” game of old.

You'll need to gather 15 different kinds of candy bars, 30 Post-it notes, a poster board and markers. Divide the poster board into grid 5 x 6 squares. Then write the candy bars names randomly in all the thirty squares. If you want to get a little craftier, you could print out the candy wrappers from picture you download over the net. Or, paste the empty wrappers themselves onto the poster board. If you have one of those boxes used for collecting rock samples or displaying shells, you can use those to hide the miniature bars of candy and give the pair of candy bars as a prize.

The guests are gathered around a large poster board that is covered with the Post-it notes. These in turn cover 15 pairs of candy bar names. They take turn trying to pair up the candy bar names. If the guest finds the correct pair, they win that candy bar as a prize. If they remember wrong, then they have to give the chance to the next guest.

To flesh out the game a bit, the guests can also guess what part of maternity the candy bar refers to. You can get ideas from this from the Candy Bar baby shower game. The guest that has the most correctly associated terms and candy bars gets a special prize.

A less fattening variation on this baby shower memory game is to match tiny baby products like little travel-sized bottles of baby soap, baby cologne, baby powder, pacifiers, baby washcloths, baby bottle teats, bibs, teethers, rattles, and other tiny stuff. The winners get other prizes like sachets, lip balm, or scented candles and all the baby things go to the mommy-to-be. It's a great way to buy necessary stuff for the new mom while using the items to make a game.