Baby Shower Games with Bags

Now while everybody may be excited about having a new baby, not everybody is excited about having to play the same old baby shower games that were rehashed from a previous gathering. This is actually one of the toughest parts of planning a baby shower – finding a game that is fresh, new and not stuffy.

Why not have a few games based on the quintessential mommy accessory – the bag? There are quite a few games that you can play with a bag. Although, there is not one game that can answer a child's question as to how mommy can get everything everyone needs inside one bag!

Baby's Bag – This fun game will truly test everyone's perception. In a diaper bag, place ten everyday baby items that you can find in any nursery or any diaper bag, for that matter. So, little things like diaper wipes, a diaper, a rattle, a container of baby powder, a tube of A&E cream, a baby bottle, and whatever else you can think of can all go inside the bag.

Keep the zipper of the bag open only enough for a hand to fit inside. Each guest gets pen and paper plus two minutes to guess the contents of the bag only be feeling what's inside. After each one has had a turn, their answers should be checked and the one with the most answers correct gets a small prize. Of course, the bag and items go to the mommy-to-be.

Guess What's In The Bag – You'll need ten colorful paper bags which will be labeled on the outside with the letters spelling “baby shower.” Each bag gets a little baby item inside whose first letter corresponds to the letters inside. You can display the bags on a table as part of the decorations at first. When it comes time for the game, let the guests guess what the contents of the bags are without touching them. The guest with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

What can you put inside? Here are some examples:

B – brush
A – applesauce
B – bottle
Y – yellow duckie
S – soap
H – hat
O – Oragel
W – washcloth
E – ear syringe
R – rattle

Treasure Hunt's in the Bag – Make the most of the urban legend that inside every woman's bag is a black hole. Come up with a list of common and not so common things that you might expect to find in a woman's handbag. As the hostess announces the item, the guest can only get what is asked for from inside her bag and nowhere else.

Some common items that may be asked for could be lip balm, hand lotion, red lipstick, a nail file or emery board, a brush, and a grocery receipt. Some uncommon items would be tape of any sort, a stapler, a hammer (one mom had this, to everyone's surprise!), and a penny.

Now, what games can you think of using a bag?