Pin the Diaper on the Baby

One popular birthday party game for kids is pin the tail on the donkey. In this game, the participant is blindfolded and spun around by the party host a few times. He or she then tries to walk towards a poster of a donkey and stick the tail on the donkey’s rear. The person that gets closest to the desired target is the winner.

For baby showers, a unique twist on this game would be instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, pin a diaper to a baby. If you cannot find this game in a store, you can create it yourself with your printer and a few materials:

Items Needed:
- Blank poster paper – Common sizes include 27” x 41” or 55” x 48”
- Scotch tape or adhesive
- Printing paper to print the diapers
- Cloth for a blindfold
- Tape measure
- Scissors

Here is how you can make this game.
1. Find a picture of a baby online. A baby that is crawling on the floor might be a good candidate for this type of game. You will copy this image into your favorite graphics software program to be printed onto the poster.

2. Once the poster is created, use the tape measure to measure the size or the baby’s rear. These measurements will be important because you will use them to design the baby’s diaper to the appropriate size.

3. You can either draw the baby diaper in a graphics program, get someone else to do it, or copy images from the web. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as people know that it is a diaper. Print out one first and place it on the poster to make sure it is the right size. Then print out as many of these as you think you will need for guests playing the game.

4. On the back of each diaper, place scotch tape or adhesive so that it can be easily stuck to the baby poster. Each guest that plays the game will get one of these.

5. On baby shower day, tape the poster to the wall. Measure out the desired distance that the person will have to walk to the wall. Test it out before your guests arrive – start with 10 feet. You can place a piece of tape on the floor to mark the starting point.

This is a fun and simple game that will provide tons of entertainment and lots of laughs for you and your guests. Make sure to take pictures and videos and most importantly have fun!