Fun Animal Games for a Baby Shower

Throwing the perfect shower these days, definitely involves some detailed planning and of course having fun games to celebrate. Baby shower games have become more and more the life of the party, which everyone, young and old, looks forward to. They can be one of the more memorable experiences you all have together before the actual bundle of joy arrives.

If in case you don’t already know each other, it always helps to start with a little ice breaker, like having everyone introduce themselves and how they know the mother-to-be. You can even energize it by having people say something outrageous about the celebrant. Now, to help you get to the entertainment portion of the party, here are some games to get you started:

Name that Baby Animal
This game involves a little trip back in time to our Grade School Biology Class. What you need to do is have a list of animals and the corresponding names for their babies, like a Lion and her Cub. It is advisable to have at least 8-10 animals on your list. Once you’ve divided your party into two or three groups, whichever you prefer, give them the list all at the same time and start the timer. The first team to get the most or even all the items correct wins.

Baby Animal Scramble
Here’s another fun game which gets the participants all riled up. Your team has to think and act fast in order to win. There is a little preparation involved and you need to do this before the party starts. List down all the baby animals you know, such as a chick or a fawn. Narrow it down and pick out 10 of them. Write your animal babies on colored pieces of construction board or paper and cut the letters out. Be sure to keep them secure in envelopes so you don’t lose any letters once you hand them out to the teams. This game works better if you have only 2 groups of 3-4 people, the rest of the party can sit this one out and watch the fun and chaos ensue. When you have your teams ready, scramble the letters in the envelopes and hand out one each to the teams. They can only advance to the next baby animal word if they get the first one right. They need to guess all 5 baby animals.

When having games like these at your shower, it is best to have all the materials ready and organized before the party. Make sure that you provide the teams with their paper and pens and whatever else they need like buzzers, if you have them, to indicate that they’ve finished with a word. This is especially helpful for the Baby Animal Scramble game. It is also good to have one or two friends help facilitate during the games, this makes your job of being the Game Master easier. Lastly, it is always nice to have little tokens or prizes for the winners. One cheap idea is to put assorted candies or chocolates into small baby bottles and tie them off with ribbons or string. Everyone loves a good sugar rush, so you definitely can’t go wrong with this.